wooden crate jewelry display


Why hide all of that beautiful jewelry you own when it can double as sculptural art when you're not wearing it?  Plus, it makes it easy to see what you have when you're tyring to combine accessories with outfits.  We've used a stack of three vintage crates picked up at a local antiques show and added cup hooks in multiple rows and even on the tops and sides to accommodate an expanding collection.  

Supply List:

Wooden Crates
1/2" Cup Hooks (Create for Less or your local hardware store)
Electric Drill
1/16" Drill Bit
Small Pliers


  • Pre-Drill your holes at even intervals.  (We spaced ours about 1 3/4" apart, offsetting a second row further back and another set on top of the crate for longer necklaces.)
  • Using pliers, screw the cup hooks into the pre-drilled holes
  • Hang and enjoy your jewelry!


P.S.  Fill up a cigar box with dried black beans to hold your rings!