Can a rug tell a story?

A Wendy Morrison rug definitely can! Wendy is my guest this week and I first learned of her rugs through Sarah Akwisombe, who we interviewed awhile ago.  Sarah is fearless when it comes to design and she's always looking to stretch herself beyond whatever's currently trending.  And Wendy's rugs certainly do push us to be bold and go for what speaks to us, personally.  Wendy shares how she got started with rugs, having no idea how they would change the direction of her life.  She also explains a little bit about how rugs are made and then we wrap up with Wendy taking us through the symbolism she uses in her designs that give her rugs  rich and layered narratives.  This episode in particular really needs to be seen as well as heard so that you can fully understand the impact that her rugs can have on a space.  So I’m really glad you’re here to see the ones we talk about in the podcast.

Listen here (or you can find the episode wherever you get your podcasts):

Good Fortune

Peacock Palms

This is her newest one (and might be might favorite):

Longevity Pink & Gold

One of 3 room designs by Sarah Akwisombe using a Wendy Morrison Rug:

You can see the other 2 room designs by Sarah here.