Little Yellow Couch

Glamping Design Camp

Tulsa, OK October 11-13

Your home is your autobiography. 

We'll help you create it.


You're obsessed with interior design and sprucing up your home.   

Maybe you've been doing this for years.  Or maybe you're brand new to this whole decorating thing. 

Either way,

You want a home that supports your goals,

fosters your creativity,

and feels like a breath of fresh air

every time you walk through the front door.


But what if you don’t quite know how to do that?

  • Does your home reflect who you are?

  • Is your color palate aligned with the purpose of each room?

  • Are you surrounded by objects that lift you up?

  • Is your furniture arranged in ways that open channels of energy?

  • Is your creativity sparked by what you see on your walls? 

  • Do you know where to find inspiration? 

    If you answered “no” to any of those questions, I think it’s time to…

    put your mental, emotional and spiritual

    well beinG

    fRont and center and…

create a home that gives something back to you!

This one-of-a-kind retreat will be focused on developing your personal aesthetic using inspiration from our surroundings.  We'll take you through the Little Yellow Couch decorating-from-the-inside-out process, starting with your Style Manifesto. You'll create a Style Board and share your vision for your home with each other.  We'll do hands on activities that will sharpen your ideas on how to bring nature into your design.  And you'll leave with an actionable plan to create change in your home. 


The Activities

Walking Mesa Diablo

Our setting, Mesa Diablo, is in the beautiful hills of Osage County.  I want you to soak up as much inspiration from our surroundings as possible.  To this end, you'll receive a portable watercolor kit to take with you as you walk the property.  We'll use Erica Tanov’s book, Design By Nature, as our guide to bringing the outdoors in.  You can do this at your own pace whenever there is free time in our schedule. 

Your Style Manifesto, Style Board, and Room Workshops

When you go home, you'll have an actionable plan to make significant changes to one room in your house.  We'll start with a strong foundation using the Style Manifesto, get your mind in a creative place with the Style Boards, and then workshop each person's dilemmas--everything from color palate to furniture arrangement to artwork and vignettes.  On hand will be the fabulously talented gals from Retro Den Tulsa, aka "The Ashleys," as I call them —Ashley Daly and Ashley Palmer.  They are the queens of room makeovers helping you decide what stays, what goes and what you need to look for.  

Inspiration in Tulsa

The above mentioned Ashleys are the owners of Retro Den Tulsa, a vintage & handmade goods shop. Their styles and their creative abilities to pull rooms together in ways that tell stories have been a huge inspiration to me and we’ll be able to soak up some of their design by visiting their shop. We’ll also be having dinner at The Vault, a Tulsa restaurant featured in Architectural Digest. So along with tons of inspiration from nature, we’ll also talk about using boutique displays and restaurant design as blueprints for our homes.

Wildflower Dye Workshop

Bringing nature into our homes gives our rooms life and energy.  I'm so excited to be partnering with Natasha Ball of House Sparrow Nesting who is going to lead us through a natural dye workshop using local plants and wildflowers.  Some of them will be extra fresh because we'll have the opportunity to gather our own that morning!  You'll be able to learn the techniques of dyeing and create your own linens to take home.  


Now, let's get really specific!

The Schedule

2:00 PM Check in, get settled, time to chat
3:00 PM Discuss “Design By Nature” book
3:30 PM Watercolor lesson/walk the property
4:30 PM Style Manifesto & Abundance/Order/Flow workskeets
6:30 PM Dinner at camp

8:30 PM Moon Yoga (set our intentions for our homes)

8:00 AM Breakfast available
9:00 AM Wildflower Dye Workshop
12:00 PM Lunch at camp
2:00 PM Style Boards & individual room workshops
4:15 PM  Leave for Tulsa
5:00 PM  Shop Retro Den & other vintage shops
6:30 PM  Dinner at The Vault
8:00 PM Drive back to camp
9:00 PM S’mores around the campfire

8:00 AM Breakfast available
9:00 AM Individual room workshops
12:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Check out


Sleeping Under The Stars

Why Glamping?

Let's cut to the chase.  Are we really going to be sleeping in tents??? Well, yes. But. This isn’t a boy scout trip where you have to walk 5 miles with a pack on your back, pitch your tent, find a stream to get water and fashion a hook and pole out of whatever you find in the woods to catch your dinner. No, no, no. This, my dear friend, is glamping. As in glamorous-camping. You get to sleep under the stars and connect with nature, but in a beautifully appointed tent already set up, that has a real bed with soft linens, rugs beneath your feet, lanterns to read by and camp chairs to sit and enjoy a morning cup of coffee as the sun rises.  We want to be as close to Mother Nature as possible — after all, she does have the best color palates to choose from — without breaking a sweat. Plus, it's seriously SO MUCH FUN to sleep in a tent!  

Still… I realize the tent life isn’t for everyone.

If this is you, there are two other options.  There is one (yes, only ONE) cabin with actual walls, a roof, and most importantly, its own bathroom.  If having a private bath is where you draw the line, then you might want to nab the cabin right away.  If having a sound structure to sleep in makes you feel comfortable, there are also two airstreams available.  These don't have their own bathrooms, but you'd have an actual roof over your heads.  Plus, they're super cute!  

The rest of us will be gleefully sleeping under the stars and sharing the cleanest, most adorable campground bathrooms you've ever seen. You can have a tent all to yourself or share one with a friend.


All meals, drinks, workshop fees & supplies

are included

I want these two days to be what your vacation dreams are made of.  Which means, it's all inclusive! 
Here's the breakdown.  Price is all inclusive for the weekend.

Safari Tent with showers/bath in separate facility: $1100. Early bird price: $1000 (save $100)
Bell Tent with showers/bath in separate facility: $1075. Early bird price: $975 (save $100)
Airstream with electricity but no shower/bath (2 available): $1250. Early bird price: $1100 (save $150)
Cabin with electricity, kitchenette and shower (1 available): $1400. Early bird price: $1250 (save $150)

Shared accommodations: Tents can accommodate 2 full sized beds. One of the airstreams has 2 beds and the cabin has a queen sized bed. Add $500 to the fee for the additional person. For more info, see the FAQ, below.

One half of the total amount is due upon registration. The balance is due by September 15. You will receive a full refund of your deposit (minus a $25 fee) if you cancel by July 21st. You will receive a 50% refund if you cancel before September 15. No refunds available after that.

Early Bird Pricing ends July 14


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Let’s see if this helps.

Q: Can I contact you directly if I have questions or concerns?
A:  Of course, and any time!  Shoot me an email zandra{at}

Q: What if I'm shy or just don't feel comfortable meeting new people?
A: If you've been listening to the Style Matters podcast, hopefully I've come across as a very easy person to meet!  One of my top priorities is making sure everyone feels involved and included and since we all have this huge passion around interiors in common, coming up with conversation isn't going to be hard.  The retreat is designed with you in mind.  I promise! (And check out the testimonials, below, to see what others have said about your concern).

Q: What's the difference between a Safari Tent and a Bell Tent?
A:  Not much, actually.  The Safari tents have 3 horizontal poles so that the fabric hangs in more of a rectangular shape.  The Bell tents have a single pole so that they hang in a cone shape.  Also, the Safari tents sit on top of wooden platforms, just a few inches off the ground while the Bell tents are set up right on the grass.  Both sit on rugs so your feet will be comfortable, and all of the beds, of course, are off the ground.  

Q: Sounds like SO much fun, but how can I rationalize the expense?
A:  I am so passionate about this gathering of people who all love their homes and share the philosophy of decorating from the inside out, the last thing I want is for you to feel guilty about spending money on yourself.  So let's break it down:  Is it worth it set aside time for reflection and thoughtful discussion about your home, the most valuable monetary investment you have?  Is it worth it to meet new people who might enrich your life in ways you haven't thought of?  Is it worth it to get out of your typical routine, learn something new and challenge yourself to make changes that you've been wanting to make?  And most importantly, are you worth 2 nights away to do something that feeds your soul and makes you incredibly happy?  Are you worth it???  

Q:  Can I share a tent, airstream or cabin with someone? 
A:  You bet! You can decide how you want to handle your sleeping arrangements. Tents can have 2 full sized beds. One of the airstreams has 2 full sized beds. The cabin has one queen sized bed. If you are sharing, add $500 for the additional person. You can split the costs however you like, but both people need to register. The additional $500 can also be applied to early bird fees. For example, if you wanted to share a tent and you register before July 14, you would owe a total of $1500 and could split that in half. That way each of you would be paying $750 to share a tent rather than $1000 each to have a tent to yourself.



I think you’re going to have the most wonderful experience! But don’t take my word for it… here’s what others have had to say:

The experience really woke me up. It was scary for me at first because I was coming alone, and now I feel so much more confident. I would love to do this again!
— Mickey (Northampton, MA)
I was nervous about being around a lot of different people. But, Zandra, you are a magnet for interesting, kind people. The thing I was most worried about ended up being my favorite part..
— Daly (Tulsa, OK)
This was such a great way to start for someone like me who thinks she isn’t very good at design. It was so helpful, it was absolutely transformational.
— Julie, (Brooklyn, NY)
The time spent talking about each others spaces is just something I crave. Doing it on your own is nothing like doing it in a room full of people who are equally as passionate and inspired. I haven’t had a weekend of this much connection with people who are all different and yet so the same, across ages, across the country, backgrounds, experiences and careers .. there aren’t words. It filled a need and a want that I didn’t even know I had!
— Michelle (Hudson, OH)
I’ve been listening to the podcast for years but coming to the retreat created a sense of community. These are people who are passionate about creating meaningful homes. I felt like I left with true friends.
— Leona (Bedford, TX)

So. Imagine yourself here.  Two glorious nights away from your crazy family and your daily grind, in high style tents, with deeee-licious food and a group of people as passionate about decor as you are.  It's the perfect escape!  Don’t forget, you can email me about anything! zandra{at}