Sara & Rich Combs

The Joshua Tree House

Design Lessons From the Desert

photo by Tim Medileo

As you guys know, I’m a lover of the desert. Just finished my first One Room Challenge and used our time in Santa Fe as inspiration for the transformation of our den. Well, my guests this week, Sara and Rich Combs are living my dream life! They transplanted themselves from the bustle of San Fransisco to the quiet of Joshua Tree, California. But in giving themselves time to slow down, they have left themselves open to experiencing an intense drama of living in close proximity to their natural environment. Their book, “At Home in Joshua Tree: A Field Guide to Desert Living,” takes us through four lessons, or mantras, that they’ve incorporated into their work as designers since making the desert their home. And then Sara and Rich take us through the different parts of the day, from sunrise to moonrise, and how natural light has become entwined with their lifestyle and overall aesthetic. It’s full of great ideas, recipes and decor inspiration… I have thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it!

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Photos by Sara & Rich Combs