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You've been dreaming of a home filled with one-of-a-kind pieces you effortlessly put together. 

Give us 2 days. 

That home will be yours.


So. What’s this Little Yellow Couch Style & Antiques Retreat all about?  

Well, we all want our homes to tell the story of who we are.  And because we're all different, you'd expect our homes to be, too.  That's why the homes we all drool over on Pinterest have surprises in them.  Little things that you've never seen anywhere else and that perfectly represent the quirks of the person who lives there.  

  • you feel clueless when it comes to finding those kinds of pieces?  

  • you don’t know how to find the diamonds hiding in the pile of crap you see before you?

  • after dragging yourself from one dusty shop to another, you still don't find anything?

  • you’re not sure if one crazy object will work with what you already have?

  • big antiques fairs feel overwhelming, giving you all kinds of anxiety?


A really good friend, with an eagle eye for hidden treasure and a knack for pulling all your scores together in one too-gorgeous-not-to-share-on-Instagram mantel. 

On this retreat, you’re going to have 4 of those kinds of friends. Because I’ve lined up some pretty smart cookies to join us and I can’t wait for you to meet them!

Whether you lean toward city farmhouse, boho glam or vintage maximalism, you know your home could use some one-of-a-kind pieces to make the place feel like YOU.   

This is your chance to grab the bull by the horns (see what I did there?  A little Texas reference thrown in..)  and score big at one of the most famous antiques shows in the country.  

Twice a year hundreds of vendors come to Round Top, TX to set up booths, pitch tents and fill up airplane hangers full of antiques and vintage goodness. 

On this retreat, we'll take you there for a full day of shopping (or for as long as your feet can stand it). 


Zandra Zuraw


Since you’re here, I’m guessing you already know a little bit about me. Maybe you found me through the Style Matters podcast. Or have been reading the blog for a long time. Or follow Little Yellow Couch on Instagram. But in case you don’t know me, I’m Zandra and along with all of that other stuff, I know a lot about styling a home, I’m fun to hang out with and a damn good hostess. (All of these things have been confirmed by previous retreat participants :-) I love getting together with people who are passionate about creating a home with substance and style. People like you! And feel free to reach out any time about the retreat:

Anita Joyce

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 5.01.04 PM.png

Not only will I be with you as your antiquing spirit guide, so will designer Anita Joyce of Cedar Hill Farmhouse.  While we both know how to navigate a large show in general, Anita is an expert when it comes to Round Top.  We'll show you where to look, how to evaluate the prices, how you might use something that's totally quirky and what you absolutely should grab on to and never let go.  We'll even hold your hand as we walk.  Cuz we know that these big shows are intimidating.  

Becki Griffin

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 4.57.08 PM.png

But the party doesn't end there!  The next morning, we'll have a hands-on workshop with Becki Griffin of Curious Details who styles everything from living rooms to bookcases to countertops and beds for Country Living magazine.  Her work is on their covers and in their pages because she’s the queen of the vignette and the duchess of tablescapes.  And we'll be learning from the master by playing with all of her props on different surfaces around the house.  

Paige & Smoot Hull


Our gracious hosts are Paige and Smoot Hull.  They're the ones who've built the stunning Texas haven and can walk us through the story behind each design decision they've made.  We’ll learn where they found treasures, which ones they’ve repurposed and what it’s like to create an escape such as this. Their mission is to provide insight into how others can design their own creative surroundings.  They will inspire us for sure!


OH!  And speaking of haven!  I got ahead of myself there. 

Check out the seriously gorgeous place we'll be staying!

The Vintage Round Top is a very special place.  People who've stayed there call it "magical."  I think the photos you see give you a pretty good idea of how you'll feel when you walk through the door. 

The rooms are filled with antiques, giving them warmth and soul.  But the style is rather modern in that there's a lot of white space, both in terms of room to move around and breathing room for our minds.  It's uncluttered but full of character, warmth and personality.  

When you arrive on September 18th, you'll be stepping into the very best of Texas hospitality, surrounding yourself with more inspiration than you'll know what to do with! 


Now, let's break it down.  I want you to know exactly what to expect.  After all, these two days are an investment in yourself.  And you want it to be worth it!  

Wed Sept 18th
4:00pm Check-in starts.
4:01  A cold drink is placed in your hand.
4:05 - 6:30 Tour the property and talk with Paige all about her design decisions and style magic.  Maybe steal away to your room for some down time. Dig in to your welcome gift.
6:30  Dinner is served.  We'll get to know each other and you'll be able to share with me what kinds of pieces you're looking for, what rooms you're working on and any design dilemmas you’re facing.  We'll talk it out!  

Thurs Sept 19th
6:30am Help yourself to breakfast.
8:00 Meet Anita Joyce at our first stop in Round Top.
8:01 -- ???  Shop till we drop.  We'll be hitting as many vendors as you can handle.  We'll stop for a lunch break half-way through. 
5:00pm Maybe around this time, we'll be back at the house and you can soak in the tub or take a nap if you like. 
6:30  Dinner and drinks.  Actually, drinks can start whenever we get back.
6:31  Non-stop conversation about everything you've scored that day!

Friday Sept 20
8:00am Breakfast available.
10:00 Becki's workshop begins.  We're gonna style the hell outta those surfaces!
12:00pm Farewell lunch out on the porch.
1:30  Realize it's time to go back to reality.  Cry a little.  Hug a little.  Get excited about where you're gonna put your new stuff.  


The fair in Round Top is actually a combination of many, many different shows within the fair. When people talk about going to the “Round Top Fair” they’re most likely talking about the Round Top Antiques Week. The official opening is Sept 30th.  HOWEVER, many vendors come early.  By going early to the pre-show, we will have the best access to some prized items and we won't have to deal with huge crowds.  Here are the shows, fields and vendors who will be open while we’re there: Market Hill, Bill Moore, The Porch, Box Road, Bar W, Northgate and Excess.

Our fearless tour guide, Anita Joyce, will know where to go and make introductions for us.  She also knows some prime boutiques and shops that are open year-round if we are so inclined.   What makes her an expert?  Well, for one thing, her country home, Cedar Hill Farmhouse, is right down the road so she's be shopping this fair for years.  She's also been a vendor so she knows the ins and outs like no one else.  You might recognize her from my interview with her on the podcast.  Or, maybe you listen to her own podcast, "Design Tips and Tricks," or perhaps you've read her book, "French Accents" which is now in it's 2nd edition.   Yep, she's done it all.  


You might want to check out the podcast episode where I interview Becki Griffin of Curious Details.  That'll give you a great idea of what to expect during her workshop.  She's a riot and oh so talented and is going to pull out all of her tips and tricks when it comes to explaining the art of the vignette.  You see, she's a professional stylist whose work has graced the pages and covers of many magazines, especially those of Country Living.  Becki's going to bring in her own props, (plus use anything you've just bought) and we're going to do some hands-on styling of tables, bookcases, mantels and counters.  You'll leave with an eye for what works and why.  Believe me, she knows her stuff. 


Now, hang in here with me. It’s a tiny bit complicated but I’ve tried to make it as easily understood as possible. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me!

The entire property has been designed with the idea of promoting great conversation and human connection. 

You may want to come alone or bring a friend.  And there's also the option of having me pair you with a roommate!  I've had requests for this in the past and I'm happy to facilitate that.  It's a great way to save money and make a new friend. 

There are four cottages in all. 

2 Large Cottages: Boho and No. 1450

Boho and No. 1450 both have big living rooms which we'll be using during the day, through dinner.  Boho has a minimalist boho vibe sprinkled with a touch of industrial style and No. 1450 has a modern farmhouse feel. 

Each has an upstairs master bedroom, king bed with en suite bathroom.

And they each have daybed options in the living rooms on the first floors. There are full bathrooms for people sleeping in daybeds.

If you sleep on one of the daybeds you won’t have as much privacy (although there will be a designated time when everyone else would need to leave the living rooms), but it’s definitely the way to go if you want to save money.

2 Small Cottages: The Eisley and The Pierce

The Eisley has lovely feminine details and The Pierce is a bit more masculine.  They are true retreats offering a peaceful, relaxing stay. 

Both have a king bed and a daybed.

You can have a cottage to yourself or add a second person if you wish. (You get to decide who’s sleeping in which bed)!


I want these two days to be what your vacation dreams are made of.  Which means, it's all inclusive!  With the exception of your lunch while we're antiquing, all meals, drinks, lodging and workshop fees are part of the deal.  

Here's the breakdown by room.  Price is all inclusive for the weekend.

No. 1450: king bed/master bath $1299
Boho: king bed/master bath $1299
Boho: room with 2 queen beds and private bath $1099 (per person)
Eisley Cottage $1299, add $800 for second person
Pierce Cottage $1299, add $800 for second person
No. 1450: 1 great room day bed with separate bath $600
Boho:  2 great room day beds with separate bath $600 (per person)

Pssst… See below for early bird pricing!


Have questions? Let’s see if this helps.

Q: Can I contact you directly if I have questions or concerns?
A:  Of course, and any time!  Shoot me an email

Q: If the room has two beds, do I have to share it or can I stay there by myself?  And would that cost extra? 
A: Yes to the first question, no to the second!  There are only two rooms that have only 1 bed (the king rooms in No. 1450 and Boho).  But I still want you to be able to have a room to yourself if those aren’t available.  So yes, you can definitely stay in the other rooms and cottages on your own.  You would pay the cost for 1 person ($1099* in the room with 2 queens) or $1299* (in either of the cottages).  One caveat: the daybeds in the cottages are not available without the purchase of the king beds in those cottages. * See below for early bird prices.

Q: What if I'm shy or just don't feel comfortable meeting new people?
A: If you've been listening to the Style Matters podcast, hopefully I've come across as a very easy person to meet!  One of my top priorities is making sure everyone feels involved and included and since we all have this huge passion around interiors in common, coming up with conversation isn't going to be hard.  The retreat is designed with you in mind.  I promise! (And check out the testimonials, below, to see what others have said about your concern).

Q: Sounds like SO much fun, but how can I rationalize the expense?
A:  I am so passionate about this gathering of people who all love their homes and share the philosophy of decorating from the inside out, the last thing I want is for you to feel guilty about spending money on yourself.  So let's break it down:  Is it worth it set aside time for reflection and thoughtful discussion about your home, the most valuable monetary investment you have?  Is it worth it to meet new people who might enrich your life in ways you haven't thought of?  Is it worth it to get out of your typical routine, learn something new and challenge yourself to make changes that you've been wanting to make?  And most importantly, are you worth 2 nights away to do something that feeds your soul and makes you incredibly happy?  Are you worth it???  

Q:  Are there any discounts to help me out? 
A:  You bet!  You can take advantage of our early bird pricing!  Reserve your spot now and save up to $150. 

Early bird pricing ends June 30th. You can pay half as a deposit and the other half by Aug. 31st. 


Through June 30th:
No. 1450 king $1149 (save $150)
Boho king $1149 (save $150)
Boho 2 queens $999 per person (save $100 each)
Eisley Cottage king $1149 (save $150) optional Twin day bed $700 (save $100)
Pierce Cottage king $1149 (save $150) optional Twin day bed $700 (save $100)
Boho:  2 living room day beds $550 per person (save $50 each)


I think you’re going to have the most wonderful experience! But don’t take my word for it… here’s what others have had to say:

The experience really woke me up. It was scary for me at first because I was coming alone, and now I feel so much more confident. I would love to do this again!
— Mickey (Northampton, MA)
I was nervous about being around a lot of different people. But, Zandra, you are a magnet for interesting, kind people. the thing I was most worried about ended up being my favorite part.
— Daly (Tulsa, OK)
This was such a great way to start for someone like me who thinks she isn’t very good at design. It was so helpful, it was absolutely transformational.
— Julie, (Brooklyn, NY)
The time spent talking about each others spaces is just something I crave. Doing it on your own is nothing like doing it in a room full of people who are equally as passionate and inspired. I haven’t had a weekend of this much connection with people who are all different and yet so the same, across ages, across the country, backgrounds, experiences and careers .. there aren’t words. It filled a need and a want that I didn’t even know I had!
— Michelle (Hudson, OH)
I’ve been listening to the podcast for years but coming to the retreat created a sense of community. These are people who are passionate about creating meaningful homes. I felt like I left with true friends.
— Leona (Bedford, TX)

So here you are.  Two glorious nights away from your crazy family and your daily grind, in luxe accommodations, with deeee-licious food and a group of people as passionate about decor as you are.  It's the perfect escape!  Don’t forget, you can email me about anything!