She Belongs There eau du parfum

She Belongs There eau du parfum


Julie Wray has been passionate about perfume since she was 8 years old.  She and her best friend would go to the department store and bathe themselves in the heady fantasy of being a sophisticated young woman who lavishes herself in beauty and scent.  At 18, Julie started working for a perfume blending bar before venturing out on her own.  Since the age of 24, she’s opened two boutiques and developed a number of original perfumes, happily concocting new fantasies that, for her customers at least, can become realities.  Julie is on a mission to remind women that the best person to smell beautiful for is….themselves.  Sophistication, grace and appreciation for treating your body kindly are all endeavors central to our theme this month.  And Julie is all of these things, personified!   

We are in love with the perfume we’ve chosen for this month’s theme, “Let’s Be Civilized.”  When we were looking for perfumers, we were hoping to find someone whose creative signature was revealed first in their visual aesthetic, and then, of course, through aroma.  We were drawn to Olivine Atelier because of Julie Wray’s attention to detail, the story behind her work and the elegance with which she presents her brand.  When we opened up the samples she sent us we were swooning!  We loved all of her mixtures and felt they each evoked the kind of layered emotion, maturity and complexity of modern womanhood.  Some are breezy and light, some are deeply sensual.  We choose “She Belongs There”because it spoke our theme so perfectly.   

For Little Yellow Couch, Julie has bottled the “She Belongs There” eau du parfum, the purest form of any scent, in an exclusive, 1/3 oz (10ml) size.  It is a generous amount that will last on your vanity for quite a while but it is small enough that it can slip into your purse when traveling.   As part of Julie’s signature aesthetic, each bottle comes with a gold dipped feather, which would look beautiful on a little tray that holds your perfumes and other accessories.

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