Austin Clutch with Exclusive Fabric by Heather Dutton

Austin Clutch with Exclusive Fabric by Heather Dutton



Here are a few things we’ve learned about Lucinda during our collaboration:  Lucinda Snyder (or, “Luc,” as she likes to be called) is a Texas girl at heart, even though she has traveled around and is now settled in upstate New York.  Fabric is her muse.  Creativity is her sanity.  Family is her bedrock.  Her ultimate dream for Lucends is to own an Airstream trailer and convert it into a boutique, showcasing her work.  (Karen and I are both Airstream fantasy junkies ourselves, so we completely understand where she’s coming from).  There are other connections we have with Luc, as well.  I love the southwest and covet her collection of cowboy boots and, more importantly, her native-Texan right to wear them!  Her family has a home on the island of Kea, in Cyclades, Greece.  Karen is now the heir and caretaker of her family home in Arfara, Greece.  As soon as I get the chance, I want to make sure they’re both over there so I can visit and hit them up for free housing!

You’re first drawn to this happy clutch by its geometric print.  But then you really start to adore it when you see all of the attention to detail that’s gone into the style.  An original design by Lucinda Snyder of Lucends, this little purse features pleating that we love, a shape that fits beautifully into your hand, and a little extra gold or silver touch on the wristlet that makes you feel like you’re wearing a bit of jewelry.  Lucinda worked with fabric designer Heather Dutton on this particular pattern, which Lucinda is debuting with her own products this fall.  For Little Yellow Couch, Lucinda and Heather came together again to try out some new colorways.  We’re thrilled to have both of their talents on this piece, making it a very exclusive item for us and a sweet deal for you!

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