Shavonda Gardner

SG Style


How are your values reflected in your home?

This mom has made that the cornerstone of her style.

Many of you have probably seen Shavonda Gardner's home on Instagram, on her blog (SG Style) or from the One Room Challenge.  Her bold, eclectic style has had a big influence on those of us who follow her on social media.  But today, we get to hear a more personal side of Shavonda.  I love how she and Naomi have really taken their family values into consideration when choosing where and how they want to live.  I think that's my favorite part of this interview.  And as serious as that discussion is, we also talk about lots of fun things like tile, wallpaper and color.  And, being a master gardener, Shavonda also gives us her top three house plants to start with if you're a beginner or just not having luck keeping those babies alive.