Style Retreats

Little Yellow Couch offers Style Retreats! These are creative weekend getaways all about immersing yourself in design, filling up on inspiration and taking time to rejuvenate with people who go just as crazy for a new wallpaper sample or floor lamp as you do.

So when and where is the next retreat?

I’ll be updating this page as we create more events. In the meantime, make sure you’re in the know about special early bird offers and other important info! Subscribe here.


Here’s what happens at a Style Retreat

We learn things. We make things. We laugh. A lot.

We eat amazing food and stay in a glorious space full of interior inspiration.

We make personalized action plans for specific changes in one room in our homes.

And yes, we bond.

There, I said it. Sounds corny, but it’s true!

Something special happens when people who want to love their homes get together. It’s because we can all relate to WHY we want to love our homes. It has to do with finding ourselves, reconnecting with our passions and expressing who we are. We’re talking about meaningful stuff. It gets deep. (But we also talk about things like mixing patterns, choosing colors and finding the perfect couch. So it’s fun, too). Seriously. It’s REALLY fun. But don’t take my word for it.


I’ve been listening to the podcast for years but coming to the retreat created a sense of community. These are people who are passionate about creating meaningful homes. I felt like I left with true friends.
— Leona (Bedford, TX)
I am definitely coming back to Woodhouse Lodge! If you love “home,” it’s an exquisite place to visit.
— Mickey (Northampton, MA)
The time spent talking about each others spaces is just something I crave. Doing it on your own is nothing like doing it in a room full of people who are equally as passionate and inspired. I haven’t had a weekend of this much connection with people who are all different and yet so the same, across ages, across the country, backgrounds, experiences and careers .. there aren’t words. It filled a need and a want that I didn’t even know I had!
— Michelle (Hudson, OH)
I was nervous about being around a lot of different people. But, Zandra, you are a magnet for interesting, kind people. the thing I was most worried about ended up being my favorite part.
— Daly (Tulsa, OK)
The process of having to do my personal vision first was such a great way to start for someone like me who thinks she isn’t very good at design. It was so helpful, t was absolutely transformational.
— Julie (Brooklyn, NY)
I really enjoyed when we sat around the living room and helped each other with our “design dilemmas.” Even people who thought they didn’t know how to approach a room threw out really good ideas.
— Palmer (Tulsa, OK)
The experience really woke me up. It was scary for me at first because I was coming alone, and now I feel so much more confident. I would love to do this again!
— Mickey (Northampton, MA)
For someone who is really new to design, it was hard not to be inspired by all of the passion and creativity and everyone getting all excited! Now I’m excited to see what my house will become! Some place that I really love as opposed to just a place where I live.
— Naomi (Beacon, NY)


Woodhouse Lodge, Greenville, NY

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