The Woodhouse Lodge, lovingly restored and run by designer Megan Pflug.  Nestled in the heart of the Catskill mountains in Greenville, NY, within the picturesque Hudson River Valley.


October 12 - 14, 2018, during prime leaf peeping season.  The nights will be cool enough to light a fire but the days will be warm enough to be outside.  


This retreat has been created for you to take the time to joyfully reflect on and share who are you, where you've been and what you want to become as it will manifest itself in your home.  We'll take you through our process, staring with your Style Manifesto and help you build your unique style book that is part vision board, part mood board and part creative journal.  You will leave with an actionable plan to create change in your home.  


This retreat is ALL inclusive!

  • All meals, prepared by local, farm-to-table chefs
  • Wine, beer and spirits
  • Luxurious bedding with bespoke design elements
  • Lodge, common areas and grounds reserved only for attendees
  • Personalized style books for self reflection workshop
  • All materials for Shibori DIY workshop
  • Transportation to antiques shops and boutiques
  • Plenty of personal time with Zandra, Karen and Megan
  • Special welcome gift prepared with love

Arrive as early as 3pm.  We'll be on hand to welcome you, hand you a refreshing drink, and show you around Woodhouse Lodge

6:00 pm Formal welcome, introductions and a delicious dinner provided by Fresh Company chefs using foods from local farms

7:30 pm We'll get right to the core of the retreat by explaining how your style books will work.  Supplies will already be laid out in the workshop space and you can start to work on them if you like.  We'll be on hand to talk with you about them until bedtime!  

7:30 am Lovely homemade breakfast available downstairs.  Come in your PJs if you like!

9:00 am  DIY project:  Shibori table runner.  We'll learn and make with Megan Pflug, queen of the most creative DIY projects we've ever seen, and you'll take home your new favorite accent piece.

10:30 am Free time to work on your style books, walk the beautiful property, or catch up on your sleep.  We'll again be on hand in the workshop room to help with style books.  

12:30 pm  Fresh Company prepared lunch.  Delicious, nutritious and great for Instagram photos :-)

1:30 pm  Hop on one of our vans and we'll start the Junkin' Journey.  

2:00 pm Antiquing at 3 of the best shops around.  Need we say more?  

6:00 pm Travel back to the Lodge

7:00 pm Dinner and conversation with all of your new friends.  We'll share stories about our homes, our lives, and what treasures we may have found today. 

7:30 am Another breakfast beautifully laid out to eat at your leisure

9:00 am  Free time and the opportunity to put the final touches on whatever pages of your style books you're working on

11:00 am Everyone will have the chance to share some or all of our style books with each other.  We're all design geeks (and we're probably all nosey, too) and so this might just be the best part of the whole retreat!  Share your intentions, your dreams, your to-do lists with the group so that we can all be inspired to go home and put our Style Manifestos to work! 

12:30 pm Farewell lunch.   One last chance to hang out together and enjoy each other's company!  



  • you have a new home (or just a newly renovated room) and want to lay the groundwork for meaningful design choices 
  • you have been decorating your home(s) for years but want to break out of a style rut.
  • your heart rate quickens every time you hear "interior design," and you love the idea of finding Your People who also can't stop talking about this stuff
  • your ideal weekend (with no one to bother you) would include someone taking care of all of your meals, staying at a luxury lodge newly decorated by a top interior designer, doing a little antiquing and a DIY project that you'd never bother to do at home, all the while spending time to reflect on who are you, who you want to become and how your home can get you there.


  • you aren't passionate about your home
  • you have no intention of sharing your ideas within a small, caring group of like-minded people
  • you are more interested in a quick-fix decorating scheme that someone else creates for you


Q: When you say "Woodhouse Lodge," does this mean we're roughing it? Because I am not what you'd call a "camper."  I'm more of a "luxury hotel-er."  
A:  Oh, you have nooooo idea.  Not only is this lodge luxurious, it's chock full of inspiration from one of our absolute favorite interior designers, Megan Pflug.  You will have every modern necessity at your fingertips.  We tried glamping in a yurt once.  That's as close as Karen will ever get again to living outdoors.  

Q: What if I'm shy or just don't feel comfortable meeting new people?
A: If you've been listening to the Style Matters podcast, hopefully we've come across as very easy people to meet!  One of our top priorities is making sure everyone feels involved and included and since we all have this huge passion around interiors in common, coming up with conversation isn't going to be hard.  The retreat is designed with YOU in mind.  We promise!

Q:  What if I'm not very creative?  How will I possibly put together a style book?  Especially one that I have to share with strangers?
A:  First of all, creativity isn't limited to arts and crafts.  You're probably creative in ways that no one has acknowledged as such.  But don't worry, those people aren't invited.  The style books are a visual tool that represents whatever is going on in your head and heart.  Which means we aren't awarding a medal to the most "beautiful, creative, moving, clever style book ever created."  We're only awarding medals to those who love medals and want to decorate with them.  Plus, we'll be with you the whole way, offering as much or as little input as you like.    

Q: Sounds like SO much fun, but I bet it's expensive.  How can I rationalize spending the money?
A:  Like all good girlfriends, we're about to convince you that you "HAVE to buy that dress!"  Wait...no, we're not in a changing room.  But you get what we mean.  We are so passionate about this gathering of people who all love their homes and share our philosophy of decorating from the inside out, the last thing we want is for you to feel guilty about spending money on yourself.  So let's break it down:  Is it worth it to set aside time for reflection and thoughtful decision making about your home, the most valuable monetary investment you have?  Is it worth it to meet new people who might enrich your life in ways you haven't thought of?  Is it worth it to get out of your typical routine, learn something new and challenge yourself to make changes that you've been wanting to make?  And most importantly, are you worth one single weekend away to do something that feeds your soul and makes you incredibly happy?  Are YOU worth it???  

Q:  Are there any discounts to help me out? 
A:  You bet!  There are two ways to save a little dough.  One is to take advantage of our early bird price of $1,150.  Now remember, that includes all meals, drinks and lodging.  That price will be available for a little over a week, and then it goes up to $1,400.  That's a savings of $250 if you treat yourself sooner rather than later!  Second, if you've got a friend who would also love this retreat, you guys can sign up together, share a room, and each save $225!  Which means your early bird rate would cost each of you $925.  TOTAL!  But even if you don't catch the early bird rate, you'd still each save $225 on the regular rate.  There are 5 rooms specifically set up for sharing and 4 more rooms that technically could sleep 2 friends if they don't mind sharing a King.  More info on pricing is below. 



Single Occupancy Early Bird Rate : $1,150*
Regular rate: $1,400

Double Occupancy Early bird rate (requires you to sign up with a friend) : $925*
Regular rate: $1,175

*(Early bird pricing has been extended to Friday June 15th)


First come, first served on your choice of room:
Single Occupancy:
Bedrooms 1-4: One king bed

Double Occupancy (requires you to sign up with a friend):
Bedrooms 5-8: One queen and one twin bed
Bedroom 9-10: Two queen beds


If you are interested in payment plans, please contact us at info@littleyellowcouch.com