Behind the Scenes:

Putting Yourself Out There 


Bring your true self to the table.

In this behind-the-scenes episode, I talk about how you really do have to put yourself out there (by which I mean, make your Big Ideas public and go after them) to move toward yourself forward toward your dreams. I’m referring to my professional life and what that looks like for me and my business. But it really does apply to most aspects of your life. And I also want you to know that your home can help you get there! Next I talk with designer Megan Pflug about the very big way she put herself out there and how it’s changed her life. Megan and I are once again hosting a Style Retreat where we can help you connect the dots between your goals and your home. We hope you can join us!



Megan Pflug & The Woodhouse Lodge


Little Yellow Couch

Winter Style Retreat


  • a long, pampering weekend where we'll walk you through a process of developing your signature style

  • set in luxurious accommodations designed by Megan Pflug, nestled in the Hudson River Valley of New York

  • designed for people who want time to enrich themselves, meet kindred spirits who are just as excited about interiors as they are, and go home with a plan for change!

It’s time to connect your life goals with the design of your home. And we’ll start by overhauling a specific room of your choice. We hope you can join us!