What the Heck is a Podcast?

Do I Download?  Do I Subscribe?  I'm new to this whole podcast thing!
Podcasts are like radio talk shows but you can listen to them whenever you like, with the ability to pause them if you need to do something else.  The same way you watch on-demand TV.  

There are thousands of podcasts out there and we are honored that you're interested in ours!  So let's get started.

To Listen On Your Computer

1.  Go to our website's podcast page:  http://littleyellowcouch.com/podcast/
2.  Click on the thumbnail image of any episode.
3.  Click on the play button (under the opening photo and description of the episode).

To Listen On Your Phone

1. Open up the podcast app on your phone.  (It's called "podcasts" on an iPhone or "Google Play" on an Android).  
2. Click on the magnifying glass and search for "Style Matters."
3. When you click on "Style Matters," you can either listen to one of the recent episodes, or open up our show page, where you         can see all episodes and choose to subscribe.
4.  If you choose to subscribe, your app will keep the podcast in your list of saved podcasts so you can find it easily.  It will also        let you manage how you receive the podcast.  For example, you can choose to have each new episode automatically                      downloaded, it can alert you when there's a new episode, and it can give you the option to only show the unplayed episodes.  
5.  If you don't want to subscribe, you can simply listen to individual episodes of your choice.  
6. You'll see a play button and a pause button so you can stop and start as needed.


How To Rate Us on iTunes

First of all, why should you bother?  Well, in this crazy media-rich, information overload culture of ours, ratings can mean the difference between a podcast failing or thriving.  And even if it's a great podcast, one that you absolutely love, the people who produce it might not be able to continue if they don't have enough (high) ratings.  So if you want to hear more of Style Matters, please take 30 seconds and give us your thumbs up!

1.  Open your podcast app
2.  Search for "Style Matters" (do a NEW SEARCH,  even if you've already subscribed)!
3.  At the top you'll see a list of our current episodes.  Under that you'll see the podcast itself.  Click on that.
4.  Hit the "Reviews" tab
5. Click on "Write a Review"
6. Choose the number of stars you'd like to give and write a "title."
7.  You don't have to write more in the review section unless you want to!