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Today we're airing another conversation from our Little Yellow Couch, called "On The LYC."  These episodes are where Zandra and I get to dig a little deeper into a topic that was brought up in our interviews with stylists and designers from recent shows.  We offer some examples from our own lives where we're changing things up in our homes, and we also share one thing that each of us is currently obsessing over. July is all about Your Style, With Kids.



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 Emily Murray :  The Pink House

Emily Murray : The Pink House

 Nicola Broughton :  The Girl With The Green Sofa

Nicola Broughton : The Girl With The Green Sofa

 Gwen Hefner :  The Makerista

Gwen Hefner : The Makerista

zandra's obsessions

Fanny Shorter : Fabrics, Prints & Furnishings

karen's obssessions

Royal Caribbean Baltic Cruise : Cruising with Kids


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