On the LYC - Holiday 2016

Welcome to the second installment of On The LYC , a periodic special episode where Zandra and I sit down for a chat about design dilemmas, our current obsessions and some "why not" ideas.  We even answer a listener's design question.  This episode is all about the upcoming holidays, so come hang out with us on the Little Yellow Couch!  

To see the blush colored holiday wrapping and Karen's other design obsessions, click here:

To see the CB2 opaque ornaments and Zandra's other current design obsessions, click here: 


Marshmallow Recipe
*Karen's Tip:  When you combine the sugar, corn syrup and water in a small saucepan, most recipes say to use a candy thermometer to note when the liquid reaches 240 degrees F.  I don't use a candy thermometer.  Instead, bring to a boil and you will notice at a certain point, your mixture will sort of froth up and then all of a sudden the froth will disappear.  This is when you need to remove your mixture from the heat and continue on with the recipe's instructions.  Enjoy!

Fireplace Refacing:

Fireplace Surround Refacing Kits
How To Reface a Fireplace