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You gotta travel to find the best decor!

You know when you meet someone in kind of a random way and it turns out to be a great relationship?  That's how I feel about my guest this week, Brooke Milne.  Earlier this year I attended Alt Summit, a conference in California for entrepreneurs working in different creative fields and I happened to see a post on the internal conference app.  These posts get answered pretty quickly so I was just looking at it at the right time because this gal was looking for a roommate.  And I was going alone and thought it'd be helpful to share hotel expenses, etc.  Now, I'd never met her.  I'd never spoken with her other than through the app.  But we decided to take a chance on each other and as soon as we met at the opening cocktail party, it was pretty obvious we were going to hit it off.  We didn't see each other all the time because we were busy doing our own things.  But we would debrief each other every night.  And I think my favorite day of the whole trip was the afternoon we skipped out of the conference and decided to explore some hotels in Palm Springs.  Now, you might this it's weird that we would spend our free time going to hotel lobbies. But Brooke is a travel blogger, so that makes sense, and I get a lot of inspiration from hotel design.  So off we went.  And we had a blast.  The hotels were amazing.  We also got to see some rooms and take photos.  I'll be sharing them on social so you can see them.  In getting to know Brooke, and learn about her business, which is called Look It's Brooke, I realized she would be full of advice for us about traveling and how to incorporate your travels into your style at home.  


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