Liz Solms


Nourishment + Hospitality + Design = Optimal Experience.

This episode has a little bit of everything in it and that's because my guest, Liz Solms, is a multi-passionate person, to borrow a term from my friend, Desha Peacock.  Liz has built quite a rich and rewarding life for herself and I ask her about her career throughout our conversation.   I was interested in interviewing Liz because she has woven together sustainable agriculture, hospitality and design in a way that we haven't talked about on the podcast before.  What I hope you come away with from this episode is the motivation to go look for creative inspiration from your travels, from sharing a beautiful meal with friends, or from taking the time to really notice the details in a historic building.  Because our ideas for decorating our homes can't just come from retailers!  They have to come from experiences.  Toward the end of the interview, we talk about her projects in Philadelphia and I had the absolute privilege of meeting Liz and staying in an apartment she designed while I was there. It's not just that it was beautifully designed.  Staying there was an experience in and of itself that has really made a lasting impact since my visit 3 months ago.   One note: During our conversation, you'll hear some background noises that pop up, which we couldn't control.   Just wanted to say sorry about that up front!   Now, we have a lot to dig into with Liz so I won't keep us from that any longer.    

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