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Shopping List


Playing with color, pattern and texture is one of our favorite things to do.  So we were delighted to be asked by Big Chill to put together a mood board using one of their lovely retro stoves.  Big Chill is known for their high quality kitchen appliances.  Along with their beloved Retro options, they also offer Professional and Classic lines.  We truly love all of them!  But for this task, we chose the mint green Retro stove.  

  1. Shelby Mod Pendant via Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
  2. Poisson Teapot via Anthropologie
  3. Teal Deer Fabric via Mountain Fabrics & Triangle Tokens Metallic Fabric via Modern Cloth
  4. Fitz & Floyd Gold Luster Hi-Ball via Wayfair
  5. Streamline Handle via Anthropologie
  6. Big Chill Gas Stoves
  7. Eldora Floating Shelf via Anthropologie
  8. Mooreland Dish Towel via Anthropologie
  9. Regione Cheese Board via Anthropologie
  10. KitchenAid Mixer in Pistachio via Williams Sonoma
  11. Blackboard Hook in Mint via Anthropologie
  12. Latte Bowls in Tourmaline via Anthropologie
  13. Loft Super White Polished Glass Tiles via tilebar & Handscraped Distressed Alvarado Hickery Hardwood Flooring via Home Depot
  14. Mason Barstool via Joss & Main


Our first instinct was to go big into the 1950s retro look.  After all, we love infusing vintage items into a kitchen and there are a lot of options out there for retro looking wallpaper, tea towels, coffee shop signs and paint combinations.  But after a rough draft of the mood board, we decided to scrap it in favor of something that felt less like a museum display and more...well, more like us.  

The Perfect Mix of Styles

The new mood board represents a kitchen we would truly like to have for ourselves.  It combines several aspects of design into one space   The modern elements, (such as the floating shelves and drawer pulls), are mixed with classical, timeless objects (the white subway tile and domed pendant light).  The wood stools, floor and cutting board warm things up but the splashes of teal and mint, with the stove as the centerpiece, make the whole kitchen feel fresh, rather than pure "farmhouse."  And finally, the pitcher and glassware feel very contemporary and "of the moment."  The whole combination of styles feels just right to us.  

We'd love to know what you think!  How would you use Big Chill appliances?   

Shopping List: FOUND

This month, we’re exploring the theme “Found,” and what it means to find unexpected treasures that become fused with our daily lives.  We believe in collecting and owning things that have personal meaning so that our homes are filled with objects that reflect our aesthetic as well as our life stories.  From utilitarian pieces to linens and dishware to jewelry and art, the story behind how we find these things becomes part of the objects themselves, and ultimately, why we love them. 

1.  Custom University of Alabama Game Day Skirt via Put Your Game On
2.  Vintage Avocado Green Suitcase Shelves via The Cherry Chic
3.  Industrial Style Bottle Lamp - Jim Beam Chandelier via New Wine Old Bottles
4.  Repurposed Leather Fringe Necklace via Half Past Noon
5.  Kelly Green repurposed treadmill B.E.L.T. via Your New Favorite Belt
6.  Walnut Ring with Guitar String Inlay via Grand Junction Guy
7.  Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack via JNM Rustic Designs
8.  Chief Bifold Dome Wallet: Orange Vinyl Design via PUP Shop
9.  Vintage Brooch Bib Necklace via Bee Vintage Redux
10.  Reclaimed Barn Wood Table via Hammer Head Creations
11.  Repurposed Blanket Ukulele Case in Aqua and Orange via By Marie-Nicole
12.   Industrial Barrel Chair via White's Modern Industrial
13. Reclaimed Wood Photographic Wall Art Sculpture via Angela Collier Photography 
14.  Vintage Pepsi Crate Dog Feeder via Vintage Crate Feeders


To Celebrate Our 1st Birthday here at LYC, we would love if you would take a few quick minutes to tell us what you think by clicking on the link below!  Then, enter to win a gift of your choice from our shop as a birthday gift from us!!!  xoxo Karen June & Zandra

Personalized Souveniers

Remember as a kid how you deliberated over which souvenir to buy with your special stash of vacation money?  As adults, the magnets, shot glasses and snowglobes created especially for tourists don't cut it anymore.  So, what do you choose as a memento that will do justice to your memories?  Sometimes on our travels we're lucky enough to find an item that feels remarkably special, such as a piece of art.  Or a necklace from a tiny boutique tucked out of sight from the well worn tourist path.  But the following souvenirs we've created are equally personal and, best of all, completely free.  

Collect matchbooks from favorite restaurants while on vacation.  When you get home (or even on a rainy day if you're stuck inside), tear out the matches.  Cut a piece of paper the width of the matchbook and fold it accordion-style, attaching one end to the inside of the cover.  Jot down the names of your favorite experiences, meals, shops, etc that you've found on vacation and tuck your mementos in a clear glass jar for display.  

If the restaurants you're going to offer matchboxes instead of books, these can be turned into miniature treasure chests to hold the smallest items you find on vacation, such as a shell you've picked up on the beach or a piece of salt water taffy from the boardwalk.  Print out a few snapshots from vacation and cut them down to the size of the matchbook to create a tiny photo box.  For each matchbox, write down one of your favorite things about vacation on slips of paper and tuck inside.  Glue the edges of the boxes together in a pyramid shape and stand it up as a piece of interactive ephemera. 

Map Journal
Before you go on vacation, find a map of the area you'll be visiting and cut it into the size of a journal or glue sections of the map to card stock for the cover.  Add some blank pages for writing.  Tape some other parts of the map to the pages and create pockets to hold mementos you find on your travels.  Simply punch two holes along the folds of your papers to tie the pages together with string.  Label the front with the place and date of your vacation and start a collection of map journals for all of your adventures.

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Here's to great memories! 


Zandra & Karen June

Waterfront Tabletop, 3 Ways

I've been dreaming of owning a little cottage on the waterfront for years.  Whenever we rent a place on the beach, I wake up, stare at the ceiling and imagine how I would re-paint it or change out the curtains and refurnish the screened-in porch.  Here's how I might lay out a dining room table, depending on whether I was living on a lake, a tropical island or by the ocean.


I'm picturing a cabin at the edge of the woods, looking down on a shimmering lake.  The walls are all made of natural logs, there's a stone fireplace and cozy wool blankets for winter.  In the summer, the large windows let in the sunlight, beckoning you down the steps and onto the dock where you can jump in a canoe and spend the morning on the water.  When you come back for lunch, you might pull out these items to set your table:  

Napkin Holders via Ocean Swept

Tablecloth via Anthropologie

Lanterns for Candles via Anthropologie

Pitcher via Toast Ceramics (as seen on Scout Mob)


There are tons of kitschy ways to lay out a "tropical" table, but we know we'd quickly get tired of the tounge-in-cheek palm tree look.  Instead we're going for a more subtle approach allowing some brightly colored flowers and stunningly fresh food take center stage.  

Napkins via Crate & Barrel

Tablecloth via Terrain

Pitcher via Anthropologie

Lanterns for Candles via Crate & Barrel


This is where my heart lives.  I'm an ocean girl through and through and I would love nothing more than to own napkins printed with a line drawing of a great sailing vessel!  I can picture stringing lights around the porch and leaving some inside these terrific lanterns, throwing on a simple tablecloth and serving up a bright red lobster on this delicious wave-patterned plate.  All after a day of playing in the salt water and reading a trashy murder mystery on the beach!  

Tablecloth via Crate & Barrel

Napkins via Oh Little Rabbit

Platter via Jessica Howard

Lanterns via Terrain

Which table setting speaks to you the most?  Let us know in the comments.  And vote for your most favorite item!  Also, send us a photo of your own version of a waterfront table... we'd love to see & share!  



P.S.  Check out these book for further inspiration:

Shopping List: Accessories

We are sharing our love for all things "On The Waterfront" this month.  If you are looking to accessorize this summer, check out our favorites below.  All of these items are designed and made by hand.   They are a great way to not only look stylish while paddling your canoe or sailing on the open seas, but also support independent artists!  

xoxo Karen June & Zandra

  1. Gold Glitter & Turquoise Envelope Clutch via This Loves That
  2. In The Navy Button Charm Bracelet via So Sam
  3. Temporary Tattoo with Anchor via Tattoorary
  4. Anchor Tank Top via Skip N' Whistle
  5. Recycled Sail Cloth Bag via Reiter 8
  6. Waterproof Sail Tote via Ikabags
  7. Coral Infinity Scarf via Gertie & Baxter
  8. Wooden Geometric Necklace via Belle Accessoires
  9. Chevron iPhone Case via Cases by Csera
  10. White Water Ring via Andys House
  11. Luna Rope Necklace in Coral via Goldhearted Jewelry 

Three Glamping Essentials

So you want to give this glamping thing a try?  Here are some ideas for outfitting your tent. Or yurt.  Or the space right outside your Airstream, which we affectionately call "the patio." The #1 must-have item to give you the luxury you're looking for in a glamping experience is a rug underfoot.  Having a soft landing to pad around on in bare feet was truly divine while we were "roughing" it.  Second, you'll want a comfy place to sit while you're reading or roasting marshmallows by the fire.  And finally, you'll want real candlesticks in place of those florescent camping lanterns most people seem to think are a good idea.  Everyone has beautiful skin in candlelight.  Everyone looks ghastly in florescents.  Seems obvious to us which one you should choose.  Vote for your favorite combination in the comments below!  Or let us know if you'd mix them up differently.  We'd love to get to know your tastes.  

xoxo Zandra

Leather Butterfly Chair from CB2

Oriental Style Rug from Z Gallerie

Modern Gold Candelabra from Crate & Barrel

Black & White Cafe Chair from Grandin Road

Geometric Rug from West Elm

Emerald Green Candlesticks from Z Gallerie

Folding String Chair from Ikea

Hexagon Rug from Ikea

Paint Dipped Candleholders by Wind and Willow Home

Shopping List: Fauna

We are on a bit of a shopping spree over here at Little Yellow Couch.  Last week we compiled a list of our favorite Flora finds - infusing our homes and wardrobes with stems and petals  This week we are embracing everything Fauna!  Each item on our list is handmade by incredible artists who have been inspired by our favorite, winged, feathered, and furry creatures.  Check out these wonderful makers of handmade goods!

xoxo Karen June & Zandra

  1. Cobblestone Candle Block with Farm Animal Decoupage via Peg and Awl
  2. Bee Original Watercolor Painting via Original Art by Suren
  3. Animal Silhouette via Paper Whimsy
  4. Hippity Hoppity II Original Painting on Canvas via Oh Chalet
  5. Felt Rabbit Fascinator via Lizzie Needles
  6. Ostrich and Flower Photograph No. 88240 via Kari Herer Photography
  7. Set of 6 Wood Postcards via Formes Berlin
  8. Patterned Animal Post Card Set via Gingiber
  9. Rabbit Portrait Necklace via I Am A Bird
  10. Sweet As Honey Fabric Collection by Bonnie Christine via Bobbie Lou Fabric
  11. 12 Animal Silhouette Cards via Wild Pulp 
  12. "Y" for Yapok Reusable Tote Bag via bioME5 Workshop

Flora & Fauna in the Living Room

Every once in awhile we feel like changing up our interiors to reflect what's going on outside.  Spring especially, will do that to a person.  Two of my favorite things to do once the warm weather blows in is to unpack my skirts and sandals and to refresh what's going on in my home.  Here are some quick combinations for a living room re-do, subtly playing off of our Flora & Fauna theme.  I don't normally go so far as to replace my rugs every season but these are so tempting, I just might!  

Mythos Crewelwork Pillow via Anthropologie
Cluster Bud Vase Tray via Terrain
Bazaar Wool Dhurrie Rug  - Ochre via West Elm
Peony Portrait Platter via Anthropologie


Getting to know our readers is always our first priority at Little Yellow Couch and we'd love for you to "vote" for your favorite living room combination.  Share your opinion in the comments below, and if you'd like to tell us why your favorite makes your heart go all-aflutter, that would be even better!  (Or, hey, if you'd make up your own combination from the pieces we've chosen, that's pretty awesome, too).  If you feel like taking this a step further, we'd love you to pieces if you'd tweet this post or share it on your Facebook page so your friends can cast their votes as well.  

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xoxo Zandra

Shopping List: Flora

This month at Little Yellow Couch, as we fully step into Spring, we are being inspired by all things "Flora & Fauna".  We are refreshing our homes, outdoor spaces and wardrobes with the change of seasons as the world around us is blooming.  We have compiled a Shopping List that is Flora inspired to help you do the same.  Check out these wonderful makers of handmade goods!

xoxo Karen June & Zandra

  1. Botanical Earrings via Helga Yutt
  2. Giclee Fine Art Print - Cheer via Yellena
  3. Flower Fields Cushion Cover via Skinny laMinx
  4. Dandelion Seed Glass Orb Necklace via Villa Sorgenfrei
  5. Letterpress Zinnia Notecards via Lucky Paper Co.
  6. Pressed Fern Bangle via Spotted Dog Farm
  7. Linen School Science Botanical Chart via Gritty City Goods
  8. Botanical Peanut Plant Screen Printed Apron via Oh, Little Rabbit
  9. Botanical Print Loudon Flower via Love The Print
  10. Flower Abstract Painting via Christina Romeo
  11. Modern Meadow Skirt Dogwood Bloom via Sewing By Selena 
  12. Glass Terrarium "Little Dodecahedron" via Boxwood Tree

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