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You've Got This Holiday Thing All Wrapped Up

For our second week of the holiday edition of our podcast, Style Matters, we hear from two fabulous bloggers on how to survive some tricky situations, with style.  First up is Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave.  One of Melanie's holiday tips is to go all out on wrapping up your gifts, especially since you may not always love the gift itself!  (Think of those obligatory gifts you'll have to give to people whom you don't really connect with in personal ways...if you make the wrapping look beautiful and thoughtful, you'll love giving it!).  

 Download Melanie's labels for your own  treat compartments .

Download Melanie's labels for your own treat compartments.

To encourage you to get out your ribbon, paper, scissors, glue, confetti, berries, stars, bells and stamps, we thought we'd share a direct link to our Pinterest board called "Wrap It Up."  We've collected almost 200 ideas on how to wrap with style and hopefully you'll find some inspiration to get you going.  Wrapping is actually one of the best parts of the holidays for us.  Once the house is clean and decorated, the cookies are baked and the holiday cards are sent, tell your kids to leave you alone while you sit down with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!), turn on some favorite tunes, and get crafty!  It's a lovely tradition that you can have all to yourself!  

We may be too far into December to start Melanie's adorable city Advent calendar, but you could still print these out as wrapping for small gifts!  

 Download Melanie's calendar  here.

Download Melanie's calendar here.

And don't miss Gwen's story about moving her tree out of her house at 4am....

Gwen Whitfield of The Bold Abode tells a good yarn.  And on our podcast this week, she gives us a much needed break from the pressure to be perfect this time of year!  So be sure to listen in...

 See  Gwen's tree  for 2015.  

See Gwen's tree for 2015.  

 Gwen's  white wreath  on her gorgeous blue door.

Gwen's white wreath on her gorgeous blue door.

 Find out how to make Gwen's  confetti ornaments .

Find out how to make Gwen's confetti ornaments.

To listen to all of our Style Matters podcasts, simply click on the "podcast" link on our website. During the month of December we're sharing stories from some of our favorite bloggers, so be sure to tune in!


Zandra & Karen



Anchor Recipe Cards (Free Printable)

Need a thank you gift for friends who have lent you their beach cottage or invited you for a weekend at the lake?  Print out a set of these recipe cards and fill in the first one with our take on classic fish tacos.  Tie them up with pretty ribbon and maybe add a hand carved wooden spoon to complete the gift!  


Karen June

Anchor Recipe Card Printable 

* Anchor image altered from Graphics Fairy.

4 flaky white fish filets (snapper, mahi mahi, etc)
salt & pepper
1 lemon
8 flour tortillas 

1/3 c. olive oil
1/4 c. white balsamic vinegar
1/2 c. fresh flat leaf parsley
1/2 c. fresh cilantro 
2 med. shallots
3 cloves garlic
1 tsp. red pepper flakes
zest of 1 lime
pinch salt & pepper

1 avocado
1/2 red onion, thinly sliced 
2 limes, quartered
sour cream

Lay fish in pan, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper and juice of 1 lemon.  Refrigerate for 1/2 hour. Meanwhile, combine next 9 ingredients in a food processor to make the sauce and then refrigerate until serving.  Heat oven to 400.  Cook fish until flaky (a thick filet cut should take 25-30 minutes).  In the mean time, place a wet paper towel on a dish, layer with tortillas and cover with another wet paper towel.  Microwave for 1-2 minutes on medium and wrap them in foil afterwards to keep warm.  Slice red onion, avocado and limes, serving each in separate bowls.  Scoop sour cream and pre-made sauce into bowls. Slice fish and serve on a platter, garnished with sprig of parsley or cilantro.  Set out your fish, toppings and tortillas and dig in.  

Serves 4.
Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 30 min

DIY: Nautical Coasters with Smock Paper

These coasters would make a great hostess gift if you happen to be staying at someone's beach or lake house this summer.  Or make a set for yourself to remind you of beach-y vacations!  We used our favorite paper for decoupage, generously provided to us by SMOCK, a small, independent letterpress and stationer in upstate NY.  For more nautical paper options from Smock, scroll to the end of this post.  We've got the DIY steps, materials list and a printable for you below.

Decorative paper (we got ours via Smock), cut into four 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" squares
Felt, cut into four 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" squares
Mod Podge
Paint brush
Exacto knife or scissors
Bone folder or credit card
Four ceramic tiles (found at home improvement stores), 4" x 4"
Craft glue

Step 1:  Brush a thin, even layer of Mod Podge onto the top of a ceramic tile, making sure you brush the glue all the way to the edges.  Place your decorative paper wrong side up in front of you.  Center the glue side of the tile onto the paper.  Flip over and use the bone folder or the edge of a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles making sure the paper is completely adhered to the tile.   

Step 2:  Trim the corners of the paper.  

Step 3:  Brush glue onto each edge of the paper, one side at a time.  Fold each side onto back edge of the tile, pressing down with your fingers.  Wrap as you would a present.  

Step 4:  Once all four sides are glued down, flip the tile over.  Print out the images we've created of the framed ships (printable is at the end of this post).  Cut them out and apply one to each coaster, using the Mod Podge to glue the image on.  Brush two thin layers of Mod Podge over entire coaster, allowing time to dry between coats.  

Step 5:  Turn the coaster over again and run a line of glue around the perimeter, about a 1/2" in from the edge.  Place the felt on top of the glue.  (We used black felt in our example coaster and a gray felt in the "materials" photo so you could see what it was.  Any color will do).  

Step 6:  Once the two coats of Mod Podge have dried, spray each coaster with a coat of Shellac (or if you have the liquid kind from can, brush the Shellac over each coaster).  Now you've sealed the coasters and can use them for hot or cold beverages!


Print This!  Here's a copy of each of the collaged images we put together for our coasters.

On The Waterfront: Ship Coasters

Smock has several nautical designs that would work for your coasters.  We used "Anchor" but you could also try "Chatham," "Breakers," or "Fremont," with or without the image of the ships.  

Happy Sails!

xoxo Zandra

DIY: Gardening Apron

This is so typical of us.  A project idea comes up less than a week before an event and we ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE IT or our party will be missing something so obviously essential that we couldn't stand ourselves if we didn't include it.  If a sane person were employed as part of the staff at Little Yellow Couch, they would tell us that we have other imminent projects due, long-term goals to fulfill and future events that need our immediate attention.  If a sane person were employed by Little Yellow Couch, most likely this planting apron never would have seen the light of day.  But fortunately, we don't have a staff!  Yippiee!  

At any rate, since we found this beehive patterned paper that we love for our invites and bunting, we decide we needed more, more, more bee-related things to tie it all together.   
I dyed some cloth aprons gray using good old Rit Dye, Karen created a stencil of a bee and I used white fabric paint to finish it off.  

And when you see our guests wearing their aprons at the workshop, I know you'll agree how the party just wouldn't have been the same without them.  (And if you don't agree, then take heart that you are actually a sane person and are not in need of drugs, therapy or sand to stick your head into when you've said "yes" to one too many ideas).  

xoxo Zandra

Bee Stencil

Seed Packet Bunting

Karen found these beautiful vintage seed packets and we knew we had to incorporate them into the Container Garden Workshop.  After deciding not to use them for the invites or as wall art (been there, done that), we thought they'd add a lovely touch of decor if they were strung up as bunting.  

We chose two different beehive papers to go along with the pattern we used for the invitation.  Karen then cut out flag shapes from gray duck cloth and attached the papers with brads.  She alternated these with the seed packets, attached to the duck cloth with small black clothes pins.  Then everything was hung from hemp twine, again using the clothespins.  Except for the duck cloth, everything can be found in the scrapbooking section of your local crafts store.  

Below you'll see that we've scanned the seed packets for you to print out, as well as a template for the bunting flags. 
Happy Bunting Making!
xoxo Zandra


Seed Packets 1
Seed Packets 2
Bunting Template
Card Stock
Scrapbooking Paper
Mini Brads
Mini Clothes Pins
Jute String

Vintage Librarian Social: An Invitation


If you've been following us for a while you know that we usually host some kind of event each month that captures the spirit of our theme.  For "Bookish," hosting a book club seemed to be an obvious choice but we figured most people were already either in one, done with one or have no interest in joining one.  We eventually came up with the idea to do a "Vintage Librarian" party, both of us were immediately excited about the idea and completely on board...even though neither of us really knew what a "Vintage Librarian" party was.  But you get why we wanted to do it, just going on the name alone, right? Whatever it was, it was going to be pretty awesome!

It turns out, the main purpose of the party was to have an excuse to put adorable ensembles together.  Check out our shopping list and you'll want to start dressing in vintage-inspired librarian clothes tomorrow.  We also decided that the tools and accessories sported by librarians of years gone by are satisfyingly collectible.  So we made a "Library Club" badge (which you can purchase here), created a "Librarian's Kit" which we'll show you later this week, and scored some remade library posters to add to our decor.  

And finally, since we really do love books (and not just shopping for bookish clothing), we wanted our guests at the party to share their favorite books with each other.  Karen made this bookmark invitation, which you can download at the end of the post.  We also sent our guests five extra bookmarks that left room for writing things about each book that they were sharing with the group.  At the end, we all traded books, everyone going home with five new ones that have come highly recommended by our fellow "librarians."  I have to tell ya, It was a HOOT!  

xoxo Zandra

Crazy About ... Arrows


Karen June and I can go a little crazy over particular graphic or illustrative designs.  When we do, we tend to start incorporating them into projects around the house.  Right now, we're crazy about arrows.  Have you noticed how they seem to be everywhere lately... on jewelry, pillows, stationery...?  I first noticed the trend when I was starting a collection of feathers to use in floral arrangements.  I liked how there were feathers at the back ends of the arrows and bought a few to also include in the arrangements.  And pretty soon, they were everywhere: and we thought it was high time we created our own!

This is our first Little Yellow Couch stencil and you can print it, cut out the pieces and start painting arrows wherever you want to see them!  We're thinking they'd be great on notebooks, dishcloths, even walls!  We've done a simple stencil on a tote bag to give a boring sack a little oomph.  We're pretty happy with how it turned out.  Send us a photo of what you've chosen for your arrows...we'd love to share your projects!

xoxo Zandra


See many more DIY projects on The DIYers Link Party hosted by Brave New Home!

Vintage Love Sayings Printable Flags


We spent all of last October on the theme "civilized living" and I'm still in love with many of the quirks and mannerisms we incorporated into our lives for that month.  One of the treasures we stumbled upon was the set of books titled "Let's Bring Back," by Leslie M. M. Blume, a modern day muse for vintage geeks the world over.  In her "Lost Language" edition, she unearths several delightful quips for getting your lover's attention.  We've decided to sprinkle a few of them into our printable flags for your use this Valentine's Day.  You can glue them onto a toothpick to upgrade a store-bought cupcake, enlarge them just a bit and glue to a skewer nestled into your bouquet of flowers, or simply attach them to little gifts you're going to give your nearest and dearest.  Send us a photo of your tag-madness... We'd love to see how you use them!  

xoxo Zandra & Karen June

Printable Flags PDF


  • Card Stock (we used creme colored)
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • 5 mm brads


  1. Print the Vintage Love Sayings Flag PDF on card stock.
  2. Cut out the flags
  3. Pierce paper with brad and splay ends.
  4. Attach to anything you like!


Crazy About ... Fan Clubs - Paper Brooch with Smock Paper


Karen June and I have a friend whom we simply adore.  It was her birthday a few weeks ago and we wanted to surprise her with placards or buttons that proclaimed we were part of her fan club. Not that we were creating an actual fan club, but we thought it would be funny to act as if there were such a thing because we knew she'd get a kick out of it.  


As we mentioned last week, we've started a partnership with Smock Paper, a lovely printer and press out of upstate New York.  Karen decided to make some rosette pins out of their paper for our new "fan club."  We showed up at one of our favorite cafes, sporting our pins, with each of them reading "Co-President of the Laura Evers Fan Club."  


We were all delighted by the love fest we had going on amongst ourselves but what was truly wonderful was the unexpected response we got from others.  Three people came up to us at different times to ask us how they could make their own for themselves (I mean, who wouldn't want their own fan club???) or to make for someone they wanted to celebrate.  It seemed like there was a ripple effect of optimism and joy caused by these little pins that reminded us why we do things like this in the first place: when you follow through with an idea and add that extra layer of detail that makes something truly special, it's always worth the effort.  So don't just think about it... go ahead and make someone's day!

Fan Club Brooch DIY PDF

Fan Club Brooch Titles PDF



  1. Gather your supplies.
  2. Cut a strip of two-sided decorative wrapping paper 2" wide by 24" long.
  3. Accordion fold the paper in about 1/2" wide folds continuing the length of the paper strip.  
  4. Apply the glue stick to both 2" ends and glue together creating a cylinder.  Allow to dry for a few minutes.
  5. Flatten cylinder to create a circular medallion.  Using your glue gun, apply a small dot of hot glue in the center of the medallion and hold circle together for a few seconds to allow glue to harden.
  6. Using your 2 1/2" round punch, cut two circles out of the decorative paper.  Using your glue gun, adhere one circle to each side of the medallion.  We chose to use the opposite design on each side.  
  7. Cut a 6" piece of ribbon and notch one end.  
  8. Glue ribbon and pin to the back of the medallion.
  9. Print our Fan Club Titles on card stock.  Using your 2" round punch (or scissors), cut out the circle.  Glue to the center of the front of your medallion.  
  10. Go make someone's day!

Decoupage Valentine Printable


If you stand in line at the grocery store right about now, you'll see lots of magazine covers promising how "fun" and "easy" it is to create your own handmade valentines.  You look down at your kid and secretly hope she doesn't see the same magazines and beg for a mommy and me craft day.  Because frankly, the only thing the 7 year olds truly care about is the candy, not your clever ideas on how to turn a tin can into a heart-shaped robot.  So for the kids and their friends, go ahead and buy the movie-themed, heavily branded, complete-with-a-sticker-sheet valentines.  But what about that idea we had last week?  The one where you surprise a few close friends with a little gift and a sweet sentiment to remind them that they're special?  For that, you may want to go to the trouble of making your own cards.  But if you find yourself running low on time, please feel free to print out ours.  It was made with love and will be given, by you, with love.  And that's all that really matters.

xoxo Zandra and Karen June 


Decoupage Valentine PDF

Decoupage Valentine BACK PDF



1.  Print Valentine on a piece of card stock.  Flip and print the Valentine BACK on the reverse side.
2.  Cut out Valentine.
3.  Trace the border of the banner with a ball point glue pen.  Sprinkle with German glass glitter and dust off.  
4.  Add a message to your sweetheart and pop it in the mail!


DIY: String & Button Envelopes

What's more traditional than chocolates for Valentine's Day?  Problem is, all of those heart shaped boxes look alike and you are a thinking-outside-the-heart-box kinda person.  Here's a solution:  1. Buy a single, really, really nice chocolate bar (we love Dick Taylor's).  2. Whip up a bespoke envelope.  3. Slip in your elegant little bit of sweetness.  4. You are a gift giving rock star.  (We promise the envelope isn't difficult.  It's basically two pieces of paper, with one a bit longer than the other to make a flap.  Really!)

xoxo Karen June & Zandra




1.  Gather your supplies.
2.  Cut one piece of two-sided scrapbooking paper 4 3/4" x 8 1/2" and another piece 4 3/4" x 7".  Print and cut out "To and From" label.  
3.  Score the larger piece  1 1/2" from the top and fold towards the envelope lining.  Score the smaller piece 1" from the top and fold towards the envelope exterior.  
4.  On the larger piece, edge stitch the flap at 1/4" for a decorative touch (we set our machine to 8 stitches per inch).  On the smaller piece, sew the flap down with an edge stitch at 1/4".  Backtack at the beginning and end to secure thread and snip excess.
5.  Edge stitch the small piece to the large piece, lining up the bottoms and sewing around three sides at 1/4" to create a pocket.  Remember to backtack and snip excess.  
6.  Attach one button to the center of the top flap and one button just below the decorative fold on the pocket using 3-D glue dots.  
7.  Affix "To and From" label to the envelope, wrapping the "love message" onto the back. Wrap your pearl cotton thread around the buttons to close the envelope.  
8.  Mix and match papers and whip up a few of these to have on hand for any occasion.  We filled ours with our favorite small-batch chocolate from Dick Taylor!  


REfresh Boutique : Clothing Swap Printables

Looking to host your own Clothing Swap Boutique?  Below we have provided everything you need to get started from signs to labels and tags!  Everything is in a modern minty green and gold color scheme.  Feel free to print them out for your own exchange, and don't forget to let us know how it goes!  (See our previous post for our tips on how to organize the party and use these printables).

xoxo, Karen June


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We'll send you the kinds of information and inspiration you're craving through relevant and timely newsletters. Don't miss anything new!