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Welcome Glampers: Watercolor Gift Sets

For our party this month, we decided to GO BIG and fully experience our Outdoor Living theme by staying two nights at a campground.  Now, when I say "living outdoors," I mean it in the Little-Yellow-Couch-sense of the word.  Which is to say, we invited three other gals to go glamping...not camping...with us, just outside the historic (and awfully darn cute) town of Plymouth, MA.  You'll see the full range of glamping gear we brought to decorate our little homes away from home later this week.  But today, we just want to show you the welcome gifts we had waiting for our guests when they arrived.  In lieu of invites, we put together watercolor sets to be used during some glamping downtime.  Each set contained 5 watercolor postcards, a brush and a set of paints in a sweet tin box.  

While we wouldn't call ourselves "hikers," we did take a walk down to the beautiful lake and along the path around some of the little cabins.  Perfect spots for unfolding a camp chair and pulling out a postcard and watercolors to paint the scene.*


* Full disclosure: we were so busy going to to dinner and antiquing that most of us didn't have time for this activity.  Ha!  So much for sitting with nature!  But I still think it's a great idea and I do hope to relax with a paintbrush the next time I go glamping!

xoxo Zandra

Party Invite: A Container Garden Workshop

For our party this month, we decided to invite some friends to a Container Garden Workshop.  We set up in the greenhouse of a local nursery and asked a friend who is a member of our local Garden Club to take us the through steps.  For the invites, we toyed around with the idea of using seed packets or creating our own seed packet label but we saw so many beautiful ones on Pinterest, we didn't want to reinvent the wheel.  (We still used some gorgeous vintage seed packets but you'll have to wait until later this week to see how!)

Instead, we decided to tie the invite to a pair of gardening gloves to let our guests know this was going to be a hands-on event (hardy-har-har).  You probably know by now that we believe an invitation can really set the tone for a party so we chose some nice looking gloves to get people invested in the activity and used beehive patterned paper, burlap and vellum for the actual invite.  (We found our burlap in the scrapbooking section of our local craft store - go figure!)  We then used the beehive pattern throughout the party...you'll have to check back throughout the week to see how it all came together!

xoxo Zandra

Invitation: A Photo Shoot Party

Chapter 1: Enchanted Portraiture
In which the hostesses create an invitation that is lovely but goes undelivered.

So by now, you might have caught on that our theme this month, "Through The Lens," is all about photography.  And you might also know that we usually throw some kind of party or event that reflects the theme and share it with you toward the end of the month.  For April, we decided on doing a photo-shoot-party type thing, thinking it would be kind of like having a photo booth in one of our houses.  And since we've already had practice setting up make-shift photo booths, we figured, "how hard could it be?"


Throughout this week, we'll continue to divulge our stumbles as we put together our portrait party.  Or our photo shoot party.  (See?  The first stumbling block was that we didn't know what to call it.  A photo shoot?  A photo party?  An Enchanted Portrait Party?)

Anyway.  Our initial vision for the setting was a black and white woodland scene, complete with 200 white dragonflies that would hang from the ceiling, swarming together, in and around the subject of the shot.   Each person would be able to create a character that interested them and then play out a scene that took place within the forest.  

For the invite, we wanted to reference both photography (by using a frame) and the woodland scene (by using a dragonfly).  The dragonfly was attached just in the middle so that it's wings were free and able to contain the wording of the invite itself.  

It read: "You are invited to have your portrait taken in an enchanted scene staged by Little Yellow Couch.  Cocktails, dessert and frivolity."  We also included the place and time.  

Alas, these were never actually delivered to our guests because we had so much trouble figuring out who would be willing to come up with a costume, spend hours away from their families, and feel comfortable enough to act foolish in front of other people.  By the time we sorted it all out, there wasn't enough time to actually mail the invites.  Sigh.  

But, we still think they look pretty cool so you might want to make some of your own.  Below is a template for the dragonfly.  We bought the unpainted laser cut plaques at Michael's and painted them black.  

Keep reading all through the week to see how our party unfolds...

Vintage Librarian Social: An Invitation


If you've been following us for a while you know that we usually host some kind of event each month that captures the spirit of our theme.  For "Bookish," hosting a book club seemed to be an obvious choice but we figured most people were already either in one, done with one or have no interest in joining one.  We eventually came up with the idea to do a "Vintage Librarian" party, both of us were immediately excited about the idea and completely on board...even though neither of us really knew what a "Vintage Librarian" party was.  But you get why we wanted to do it, just going on the name alone, right? Whatever it was, it was going to be pretty awesome!

It turns out, the main purpose of the party was to have an excuse to put adorable ensembles together.  Check out our shopping list and you'll want to start dressing in vintage-inspired librarian clothes tomorrow.  We also decided that the tools and accessories sported by librarians of years gone by are satisfyingly collectible.  So we made a "Library Club" badge (which you can purchase here), created a "Librarian's Kit" which we'll show you later this week, and scored some remade library posters to add to our decor.  

And finally, since we really do love books (and not just shopping for bookish clothing), we wanted our guests at the party to share their favorite books with each other.  Karen made this bookmark invitation, which you can download at the end of the post.  We also sent our guests five extra bookmarks that left room for writing things about each book that they were sharing with the group.  At the end, we all traded books, everyone going home with five new ones that have come highly recommended by our fellow "librarians."  I have to tell ya, It was a HOOT!  

xoxo Zandra


Little Yellow Couch

We'll send you the kinds of information and inspiration you're craving through relevant and timely newsletters. Don't miss anything new!