New beginnings might be a cliche…

But they aren’t just about 80s nature posters.

Remember those sickly cheerful posters of a generic photo of a seedling poking up from the ground with a caption that said something like “new beginnings”? As if that was supposed to make you want to do…


New beginnings....jpg



Old furniture can also have a new beginning with the right fabric and a talented upholsterer. I was talking with my friends over at Retro Den Tulsa about the upholstery services they offer in their shop because the before and after photos are amazing. And don’t you just love a good before + after??? Me too.

So I thought I’d share some with you for inspiration. After all, it’s Spring. And time for new beginnings.

Before + After Eye Candy from Retro Den Tulsa

(Click on any of the Afters to see the full story)

There you have it. Now turn this inspiration into action and go do something about your gramma’s needlepoint footstool!

Zandra ZurawComment