Are You Worth A Little Self Indulgence?

Unless you are a zealous, narcissistic mini dictator, Yes, you're worth it!

Here's the deal.  We all have a limited supply of dollars to put in all of the pots.  There are the mandatory pots for things like food, clothing, shelter and health care.  And then there are the not-truly mandatory pots for things that FEEL mandatory.  Like all of the obligations you feel you owe to your family and even some of your friends.  And while we're not advocating spending beyond your means, we are suggesting that you look at the cost/benefit analysis of a weekend getaway that's purely for pleasure and purely just for you.


There are several ways we can look at this.  From a cost perspective, you could compare this retreat to other vacations.  Add up all 6 meals, plus adult beverages, a (lovely) place to rest your head for 2 nights, workshops and supplies, a local tour of antique shops, structured time with a small group of kindred spirits, balanced with some free time.  Now compare that to room & board plus activities fees when you usually travel.  Yeah, we think it's about the same, too.  

But now take it from a benefit perspective. 

  • If you're hitting the snooze button 5 times before dragging yourself out of bed and slogging it through another day at work and ordering Chinese at 8pm because once again you didn't get home in time to make that salad that's starting to spoil in your veggie drawer...
  • If you're doing everything your elderly parent is asking, including but not limited to, driving to doctor's appointments, joining them at the grocery store and taking a hour to buy 3 items, pretending you are interested in your mom's neighbor's, sister-in-law's hip replacement surgery story, all the while gritting your teeth when she asks you if you might have gained a few pounds recently...
  • If you just can't bear to make one more school lunch, figure out what to make for dinner that everyone will actually eat, spend one more afternoon sitting on your butt for hours in the car driving all over creation to every activity you regret committing your kids to, and then pulling your hair out over homework battles...
  • If you've been running yourself ragged taking care of, well, EVERYTHING that needs to be taken care of...

Then, yeah.  We think you're worth a little self indulgence.  'Nuff said.  

So go ahead.  Take a look at the photos of Woodhouse Lodge.  Read the through the retreat itinerary.  Allow yourself to daydream about your perfect weekend away.  And then, with great certainty and no guilt...

Book. This. Trip. 

We'd be over the moon if you'd join us!

xoxo Zandra & Karen



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