Why You Need A Tribe

You looooooove interior design but no one you know really gets why you spend so much time and money making your home look so good.  



What, are you trying to be the new Martha Stewart?  (Hopefully you know these Debbie Downers are just jealous).  So you keep it a secret from your friends because you don't think they'd understand.  And who wants to get all giddy in front of people who think your passion is lame-o?  You tell yourself you're perfectly happy indulging in your favorite pastime all by yourself.  (And sometimes, "alone time" truly is awesome).  Or maybe you're surrounded by multiple people called "The Joneses," and you are so tired of trying to keep up.  Since when did loving your home become a to-the-death competition?  

We're about to tell you why none of those mental tapes you're replaying over and over are feeding your soul.


Why You Need A Tribe

No one single person can be everything to everyone.  So it's not like we're saying that ALL of your friends should be as out of their minds as you are when your favorite handmade pillow shams go on sale.  But every once in awhile, it just feels so damn good be with people who really get that your new pillows are a total score!  

Maybe you've been looking for people like this.  Maybe you've found them on Instagram and consider them true friends, even though you've never met them in person.  Or perhaps it hasn't occurred to you that this whole idea of sharing your passions with other people might actually be fun.  And rewarding.  But now that we've planted that seed...

Imagine this nightmare that turns into a really great dream:

You're at a cocktail party.  You've worn your favorite outfit, the one that makes you look like a fashionable female journalist from the 1940s.  You're feeling good until you start wondering if anyone will think you look a little kooky.  Will any of the guests shop in vintage stores the way you do?  For some reason you've come by yourself.  You knock on the door, step inside and look around the room, only to realize you don't know anyone except the hosts.  And you're only just acquainted with them.  Suddenly, you start to sweat a little and question your own sanity.  Why on earth did you put yourself in this situation?

Just at that moment, your hosts spot you and run over to give a warm welcome and introduce you to everyone.  But not in that way that leaves you feeling awkward.  You know what we mean...  When the host just shouts out, "Hey everyone, this is Darcy!  Darcy, this is everyone!" and then floats away to other guests leaving you stranded.  No.  This time, there is a genuine interest in making sure you get to know the other people.  You find a drink and are very happy to see the bar area looking aesthetically pleasing.  In fact, the whole place is downright gorgeous and you hope you've remembered your phone because you're going to be taking a lot of pictures for Instagram.  In less than a second, you're standing next to someone who is clearly absorbed in a small detail she's found in the decor.  You immediately know what she's so enthralled by and easily strike up a conversation.  By the end of the night you've made a large handful of new friends who you didn't even know were missing from your life!  And you feel GREAT.  

That's our vision for the 


We'd be over the moon if you'd join us!

xoxo Zandra & Karen



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