"I'm In a rut. Now what?"

We feel ya.  We've definitely been in style ruts, too.  We just get bored with what we look at in our homes everyday.  Or we're even just kind of bored with ourselves.  Maybe we've been letting things go because we're just not in the mood to care right now. 



But when we think of what we'd want to be doing if we had a free 24 hours to do whatever we pleased?   

We'd still choose to spend a free day at an antiques fair.  Or re-paint a room.  Or move furniture around.  Or even just get rid of a bunch of crap that's been clogging up the basement!  Cuz that's who we are.  We just get so much satisfaction from "faffing" up our homes.  (If you don't know that that term is, you're not alone.  We didn't know it either until we started interviewing stylists from England.  But you get the meaning). 



So how will this style retreat get you out of your rut? 

Let us count the ways.

1.  You're not going to make a typical mood board.  You're not necessarily even going to come with preconceived ideas of what you want to re-do in a particular room.  You are going to PLAY.  Now, for some of us type As out there, the idea of playing might sound a bit too much like kindergarten and you're way to sophisticated and mature for that kind of thing.  But if you truly want to shake things up, you gotta be willing to "faff" around with things like scraps of fabric and cut images from magazines.  Trust us.  It will be FUN!

2.  You're going to meet US!  (Ha!  Don't we sound all full of ourselves).  Seriously, though, if you've been listening to our podcast, we hope you feel like we're already old friends.  And we are so excited to meet you, get excited with you, gab on and on about aesthetics and introduce you to Megan Pflug, one of our all time favorite designers!  (Yeah, big bonus here.  Megan not only bought and redesigned Woodhouse Lodge, where we'll be staying.  She's gonna hang out with us all weekend!  If you listen to our interview with Meg, you'll probably be more excited to meet her than you will be to meet us). 

3.  Stepping out of your daily routine is crucial for rut-removal.  I'm sure we didn't have to tell you that.  Just think how different this weekend will be from your day-to-day.  First of all, you're not going to have to cook.  Or even think about what to order for take-out.  You won't have to take care of anyone.  You'll have a nice balance between social stimulation, creative work and alone-time.  (When's the last time you had a weekend like that?).  You're going to visit antiques shops you've never been to before and find treasures you didn't know you were missing.  You're going to do a Shibori dying project and take home a beautiful new handmade item, and leave the messy clean up to us.  And you're going to be staying in a beautifully designed space that, all by itself, will get your style neurons firing in new directions. 

4. We envision Little Yellow Couch as a community of people who are obsessed with home decor AND who know that there's no such thing as a perfect home.  No judgement.  Just the opportunity to meet like-minded kindred spirits and make new friends that might just be the support team you've need to address your goals.

5.  We are fully committed to helping you through a transformation.  Or at least be the motivation you need!  No matter how stuck you might feel, or how rooted you are in your current aesthetic, we are here to  help you think differently and consider new possibilities to truly reflect where you are now and who you want to become.  We'll take into consideration your past (we never throw the baby out with the bathwater!), but if you're looking for change, we're gonna push you.  In a kind way with lots of love.  



If you have any questions, concerns or reservations and want to chat with us, drop us a note!  You can email us anytime: info@littleyellowcouch.com 

xoxo Zandra & Karen

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