If You're About To Start A Project...

Perfect timing!  Before you take on a new project (whether it's moving to a completely new home or just redecorating a room), laying the foundation for how you want to feel in the space is the best way to start.  Because let's face it: there are good ways to go about this and some not-so-good ways.  



Bad Way #1: You love the rush of impulsive decision making and are in the mood for a total room makeover.  So you play hooky from whatever else you're supposed to be doing (that in itself gets those endorphins going!) and you run over to your nearest big box store.  There you see a bunch of SBOs (shiny, bright objects) and you load them in your cart, secretly get them into your house when no one from your family is looking, and wham, bam, you've got a brand new room!  You love it more than life itself for a whole 2 weeks.  And then, the love affair starts to fizzle and soon you're back to feeling bored, looking for your next home decorating high.  

Bad Way #2: You have finally got everyone on board about doing a renovation.  You have been secretly wanting to be one of those people who create a Pinterest board that represents an actual project that you're actually going to do.  You open your computer to check email but instead open up Pinterest instead and start Pinning.  And pinning.  And pinning.  You are a pining machine!  You can't believe how many fabulous ideas there are out there!  I mean, you hadn't even considered using an all red-hued, 1980s era, punk-rock-meets-laura-ashley mash up... but now, it's one of 15 different styles you've got at the top of your list!  Your eyes start to dry out and your mouth is parched so you glance at the clock and realize you've been pinning for 4 hours.  You now have 36 new boards with hundreds of style combinations to choose from!  Yay!  And I'm sure you'll choose one.  Just as soon as you get up from a 12 hour nap and take another couple of months to recover from choice overload.  

And now for a better way...

You decide to go to the Little Yellow Couch Style Retreat!  You'll spend one blissful weekend focusing on your home.  But you won't be alone!  We're going to take you through a creative brainstorming process that includes fun things like pretty paper, inspiring images, fabric and paint swatches, all adding up to a personalized style book that you take home with you.  This will be your home's autobiography and it's where you'll develop a blueprint for transforming your abstract vision into an action plan.   

And not only will you have tons of hands-on time with us, the owner of Woodhouse Lodge, interior designer Megan Pflug, will also be around and her brain is ready for picking!  But don't be surprised if some of your best ideas are the ones inspired by what other guests happen to share with you.  Even if you're an introvert, we are fully committed to making sure everyone feels the benefit of meeting kindred sprits who are as obsessed with their homes as you are with yours!  An important part of the retreat will be toward the end where we've carved out some time to share our goals with each other.  Speaking about our dreams out loud can be a little intimidating but oh-so-powerful!  And don't worry... everyone will be in the same boat.  And it's called the S.S. Non Judge-y.  (Ok, so that was really dorky, which just proves my point.  We're not afraid to look ridiculous so it'll be more than safe for you, too).  

Now, we've gone on and on about the core aspect of the retreat.  But we've also made time for a bunch of other fabulous activities.  So take a look at the whole picture and let us know what you think!  




If you have any questions, concerns or reservations and want to chat with us, drop us a note!  You can email us anytime: info@littleyellowcouch.com 

xoxo Zandra & Karen