Why art matters in the workplace

For the owners of the Jonathan Louis furniture manufacturing company, their motto, “Your Style, Your Statement,” is reflected strongly in the huge range of fabrics and colors they offer. Every piece is custom made to order and there’s a color in every shade for every customer! When touring their new headquarters in Los Angeles, you immediately notice the pops of color everywhere, specifically in the furniture, artwork, and select architectural details.

If you’ve been listening to the Style Matters podcast, you know how much I love art and that I feel strongly that no home is complete without original, one-of-a-kind pieces. I love seeing this commitment to art in the buildings where people work all day, too. I’m so happy to be sharing this photographic tour of the new Jonathan Louis headquarters with you!

The owners of Jonathan Louis decided to take part in a city-wide initiative to put local artists to work in the community, benefitting the artists and empowering their employees. The extra tall ceilings and open spaces allowed for large-scale installations that really speak to the company’s love of making a statement! Above, you’ll see work by artists Tanya Aguiniga, and Clare Graham.

In the project above, employee Maribel Corona was asked to collaborate with the artist Eric Junker on a mural that wraps around the walls of the big open space where you first enter the building. Maribel took photos of pieces of furniture recently designed and built by Jonathan Louis and Eric toured the facility to get a feel for the tools used by the carpenters and upholsterers.

This piece has special significance to the employees that have been with the company since the beginning. Artist Lucy Holtsnider deconstructed and reimagined the original conference table where so many of the company’s earliest decisions were made. It now hangs in the new conference room. Below is one of the owners of the Jonathan Louis company, Juan Valle.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of art in the new Jonathan Louis headquarters!

xoxo Zandra

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