Who makes our furniture? Families!


Not to put too much pressure on your choice of furniture, but what we choose to put in our homes forms the sensory experience that our kids will associate with their childhoods.  For example, both of my kids love their beds so much that when they say they're homesick, those beds are what they're missing.  The same is true for the couch in our living room.  My oldest son has said several times that we can't ever get rid of it.  For him, it is the physical embodiment of "cozy."  Everyone in the house has strong feelings about our other couch, too.  The one in the den.  Basically, we all hate it.  

This couch has got to go!!!.png

Now that we're replacing it, we've come up with a checklist of attributes that the new couch must have.  The back pillows need to hold their shape.  The fabric shouldn't take on a greasy sheen from the natural oils on our hands (yuck).  The construction needs to be of high quality because we want the piece to last.  It needs to be comfortable enough for a weekend nap.  And finally, it needs to have a style that's timeless.  I'm very happy to say that our new Jonathan Louis sofa easily ticks all of these boxes.  But there's something else that is integral to whether or not this couch is right for our family.  

For me, my affection for the things in my home largely comes from the stories behind them.   Sometimes it's the story of how we found the object, or what it represents.  And other times, it's knowing where it comes from and how the quality of the craftsmanship has left its mark.  That's why we're heavily influenced in our choice of furniture by knowing something about the people who make it.  

Furniture made by the employees of Jonathan Louis is special.  The company mills its own lumber, makes its own frames, cuts the foam and fabric in-house, and does all the upholstery in their own factories.  There are hundreds of people carefully working on each piece of made-to-order furniture.  And we will be able to feel the imprint of those hands when we bring that piece into our home.  

Jonathan Louis is a proud collective of passionate artists, designers, creators and builders.  We may not meet them personally, but knowing that the company sees them not only as skilled team members but as moms, dads, sisters and brothers, makes us feel connected to them as fellow humans. 


At this family-owned business, the concept of family extends far beyond bloodlines; there are countless employees who have been with the company for generations -- since the very beginning -- and are engrained as lifelong family members.  And that's a story that resonates with me.  My Jonathan Louis couch will be integrated into the life of our family, continuing a story that started with the people who are making it for us.  

Here’s to great design by beautiful people!

xoxo Zandra

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