ORC Week 3: The Cow Comes Home

This week has been all about pulling together various elements that I hope will bring the room together and reflect my desire to feel closer to the rocks, plants, sky and colors of the southwest.

As I mentioned in my first ORC post, I don’t typically have everything planned out ahead of time when I’m re-doing a room. I have an idea of what I want to feel in a room and an inspirational starting point. For me, my starting point wasn’t something I already had. It was something I had wanted for a very long time.

The iconic cow skull, immortalized in the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe. Her studio, Ghost Ranch, isn’t far from Santa Fe (our favorite city) and we had the pleasure of walking around the grounds a bit. I love how she collected the bones of all kinds of animals on her property and incorporated them into her home. But I had never had the guts to buy and hang one before. What was I afraid of? I guess I worried it would look weird hanging in a New England home… that these skulls were so tied to where they came from that it just wouldn’t make sense to see it out of that environment. But as time passed, my desire for one didn’t go away. And with the realization that we might never have the opportunity to actually move to the southwest, I figured it was time to stop living for “one day” and take the bull by the horns. (Sorry… I couldn’t help it).

So here it is… my special familiar (as expressed in the beautiful novel by Alice Walker). Or maybe he’s my Patronus (a guardian spirit created by J K Rowling).


Now, presumably, you can get any old cow skull on eBay or Amazon these days. But that wasn’t going to work for me. Since I couldn’t get to Santa Fe myself, I tried the next best thing. I got in touch with Heather French, a lovely human being who also happens to be an interior designer in Santa Fe. I had the good fortune to interview her for the Style Matters podcast awhile back and fell in love with her style. I figured if anyone could find me a great cow skull, it was her. And boy, did she come through! Thank you, Heather!!!

So what are the other details I’ve been working on to pull the room together? Well, I’m in search of the perfect rug. We still haven’t fully committed to a paint color, but we’re close. Haven’t decided on whether or not to add a light fixture on the bookcase wall. And I’m wondering if I’ll find the right credenza before week 6. For now, I’m just going to enjoy my cow skull. It makes me soooooo happy. I’ll worry about week 4 tomorrow.

xoxo Zandra

P.S. Be sure to keep up to date with all of the other participants of this fall’s One Room Challenge! Yesterday, all of the featured designers posted their week 3 progress, and today, the guests posted theirs. So much inspiration!

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