Choosing Fabric with Jonathan Louis

There were several things I was considering when choosing for our new sofa from Jonathan Louis.  It had to be both beautiful and hold up well to regular use.  Our current sofa's fabric aged very poorly.  It was some kind of micro-suede that started looking oily on the arm rests.  Also, the back pillows haven't held their shape and kind of mush down behind our backs in a really uncomfortable way.  So the first thing I was interested in was color and fabric and the second was style and durability.   

If you like dark, saturated or vibrant colors, Jonathan Louis doesn’t disappoint. Here are my favorites:

Because color is so important to me, I decided to start by ordering a slew of samples to really get a sense of the range of shades available through Jonathan Louis.   I generally gravitate toward blues and greens so I started there.  I'm also partial to dark colors.   Here's a photo of all of the first round of samples I ordered:

I absolutely love velvet and thought I'd be choosing one of those options.  But after taking a little more time to think through the overall feel I wanted to create in the room, I decided against it.  But since I have a very specific vision in mind for the room, I was actually considering going light. 

If you’re looking for that elusive “perfect neutral,” you’ll probably find it through Jonathan Louis.

As I've talked about elsewhere, my goal is to recreate the feelings of openness and the drama of natural elements that my husband and I experience when we go to Santa Fe and the southwest.  I decided I wanted my fabric to be light in color with a woven texture so here's what I considered next:

And then finally, I realized I wanted to bring some green into the room because of the bursts of color you get from the succulents you see dotting the landscape.   But I wanted it to have a light touch. I'm really excited about our final choice, which was to go with "Heavenly Apple," (although I like to think of it as "desert sage”).

Next time, I’ll talk about the style of the sofa we chose!

xoxo Zandra

Note: This post is part of a sponsored partnership with Jonathan Louis. All opinions expressed are my own.