ORC Week 2: Turning a Door into a wall

Demolition Day!

One of the things we’ve wanted to change since we moved in 13 years ago (yes. I said 13 years) is to get rid of one of the doors that go into the den. Specifically, the door from the entryway.


Yes, I love those window pane doors, too, so we’re not getting rid this one. Just storing it for another day. (But I can’t talk about that too much because Pete breaks into hives whenever I talk about a new project while we’re in the middle of our current one).


So on the to do list:

1. Taking the door off its hinges (easy).

2. Taking off the moulding around the door jamb (little problem, you’ll see in the photo).

3. Building up a new wall (not too bad).

4. Securing drywall (I slowed us down a little with my amateur drill skills).

5. Matching up new chair rail with the old one (kinda tricky).

Door jamb.jpg

Things are never straightforward when working with an old house. You feel me? Ours was built in 1900.

home depot.jpg

Well, there’s no going back now.


Pretty soon we’ll get to the pretty parts. Next week will be sanding, priming and painting. Yay, color! In the mean time, check out all of the other One Room Challenge Week 2 updates here:

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