How To Display A Collection

We're in the middle of March and for some people, that means March Madness (something about basketball), but for us, it means we're going stir crazy with drizzly, damp, gray weather.  What better way to get out of the doldrums than to start planning a few trips to go antiquing!  

Mid-century modern furnishings at  ReNew Arts & Industry , Natick, MA

Mid-century modern furnishings at ReNew Arts & Industry, Natick, MA

A lot of people tell us that they get overwhelmed in large antique malls, thrift stores or flea markets.  We've put together a short video to help get you focused and then show you how to display your treasures!  


Eddie Ross on Style Matters!


We were inspired to make this video after our interview with designer and Better Homes & Gardens editor, Eddie Ross.  He's full of life and energy and creating a home that welcomes, nourishes and delights the people he loves.  We talk about his career, his beautiful handbook, Modern Mix, and his current collections in his home with Jaithan Kochar.  You can hear our conversation on the Style Matters podcast, sponsored by a fabulous company we're really excited about, Colorhouse Paint.  

This week's episode of the Style Matters podcast is sponsored by Colorhouse, a non-toxic and beautiful line of artist-designed paints for your home.