Redefining "Bold" Decor

Gwen Whitfield of The Bold Abode is our guest on this week's Style Matters podcast.  We are so inspired by her answer to the question, "why does style matter to you?"  She really digs into the connection between where she is in her life right now, how her past has influenced her style, and who she wants to become.  

Gwen Whitfield,  The Bold Abode

Gwen Whitfield, The Bold Abode

This is so exciting for us because it's the reason we started this podcast in the first place: We know there are lots of us out there who use the renovation and decoration of our homes as the means to which we figure out who we are.  And in Gwen's case, her journey is both personal and professional.  

As the great force of energy behind The Bold Abode, Gwen started decorating her home with bold choices as a way to push herself past her insecurities.  Several years in, now a full-time blogger, she's in the midst of redefining "bold" to reflect how her style, and her inner life, have changed.  

Read Gwen's post about this  watercolor quote  she made.

Read Gwen's post about this watercolor quote she made.

We love hearing the definition of someone's personal style in such an immediate and concrete way.  You'll have to listen to the interview to get the full impact of her story.  


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