Make One Change To Recharge Your Resolutions

Ok, so we're more than halfway into are those New Year's Resolutions coming???  Did you promise yourself you'd do something differently in, or to, your home? If you're plowing through your list or if you've set up a workable system to keep you on track, we're proud of you!  (And perhaps a bit jealous).  But if you're feeling stuck, or have just given up altogether, we have a really quick and easy idea that might jumpstart you once again.  

Need a fantastic planner for 2016?  Check out the  Get To Work Book  by our friend at  Enjoy it !

Need a fantastic planner for 2016?  Check out the Get To Work Book by our friend at Enjoy it!

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The "Make One Change" Challenge

We challenge you to make one change in your house, simply by moving something from one room to another.  And it must be something big!  Like a rug, a table, curtains, etc.  The point here is to surprise yourself with the outcome by shaking up your visual routine.  What we mean is that we all become a little blind when it comes to the rooms we see every day.  We stop seeing certain things (especially clutter or even purposeful vignettes) because we grow tired of them. And then we might even feel defeated because we can't imagine a different way the room might look.  To reawaken a room, and how we envision it, put one big statement piece in there from a different room.  Then you can see the whole space with fresh eyes.  And aren't resolutions all about starting fresh?  

See our Before & After  vanity project  

See our Before & After vanity project 

The Inspiration

We got this idea when we were talking with our latest guest on the Style Matters podcast, Jen Pinkston of The Effortless Chic.  Jen is professional fashion stylist, and her blog is full of inspiration for your wardrobe, but also your home.  She told us how she was in love with a rug she got for her newly renovated bathroom.  She loves it so much, she's been taking it all over her house, trying it in every room.  That led us to talking about the idea of portable decor, rather than only purchasing items for one particular location.  (It's a really fun interview so be sure it check it out here.)  In the mean time, let's make one big change that requires very little effort and no money.  Roll up a rug, rehang some art, change out those lamps and see what happens!  

See Jen's full  bathroom renovation

See Jen's full bathroom renovation


How To Be Accountable (The Fun Way)

We've all heard that having a partner to keep you accountable is one of the best ways to accomplish your goals.  One of our goals at Little Yellow Couch is to connect all you style fanatics with each other.  If you have a friend (near or far) who has a decorating goal for this year, line them up to do this challenge with you.  

Each of you take one thing and move it then show your big reveal in person or take photos to share via email.  Keep it between the two of you or send the pics our way.  Leave a comment below, drop us a line or post them on Instagram with "#OneChange" and tag LittleYellowCouch.  We'll share them on our feed, too!  The important thing is that you have fun and we think that doing this with a friend is the way to go!  

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Most importantly, have fun!

xoxo Zandra & Karen June