5 Ways To Layer Rugs

Is your space suffering from outdated wall-to-wall carpeting? Are you bored with what's underfoot?  Are you looking for a way to update a room that's a little different?  

Here at Modernize, we used to feel the exact same way, until we realized that there was a special trick that could free us from the monotony of a single-carpet room: we gave our space some depth and brightness by layering rugs! Here are some ideas and pointers that we used to achieve that perfect layered look.


Contrast Shapes

You know that cool cowhide rug that you haven’t quite been able to find the perfect place for? Well, how about trying it draped over a square rug in a living room? The disparate shapes add interest to the eye, making the whole space look new and playful, and let you display your personal taste in a unique and funky way.

Living room by  EJ Interiors

Living room by EJ Interiors

Contrast Colors and Patterns

Salted caramel. Peanut butter and chocolate. Brie and honey. Sometimes two things that seem so different at first glance can come together to form perfect harmony. It’s the same with your layered rugs: a floral pattern paired with a solid geometric, for instance, can often create sweet, sweet rug satisfaction.  


Contrast Textures

A highly textured rug is a great candidate for layering. Just throwing down a fluffy or chunky rug onto a hard floor can seem like an afterthought, especially if you have cement or other unfinished flooring. Layering an especially chunky rug over a more steady, geometric shape really makes your design look thoughtful and controlled. 

Source:  Ten June

Source: Ten June


As a Space Separator

As we move into more and more compact areas, homes and apartments are increasingly built as open-plan spaces rather than being divided by walls. It’s a blessing and curse: on one hand, there’s lots of freedom to decide how you set up your space. But on the other hand, it can be a little baffling to the eye to take in all that activity at once. You can give your eyes a little relief by using layered rugs to divide your space.  Below, you see how one rug is used to define the entryway and another, right beside it, defines the living room.  

Found on the blog by  West Elm

Found on the blog by West Elm

The Madhatter Look

In design, simpler is usually better: it’s the easiest way to make sure your taste doesn’t overwhelm a space. However, there are some occasions where less isn’t more. If you look at rugs and think, “the more the merrier,” then you might want to try taking it to the next level. This makes a great choice if you already have an eclectic taste—just make sure that you have one common theme, such as geometric patterns, or a color, that ties the whole thing together. As a bonus, this is a great technique to cover particularly unfortunate carpeting.

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