I'm Not Happy And I Don't Know Why! (Does This Sound Like You?)

Over the past few months, We've been digging into our readers' big box of complaints, uncovering the roots of your deepest frustrations when it comes to creating the homes of your dreams.  We've been conducting surveys, one-on-one interviews and focus groups.  Meeting up with people at antique fairs and floral shops, chatting in comment sections and in person.  And here's the picture of despair (ok, that's a little dramatic...) here's the common tale of woe we're hearing:

We know you want your home to feel like you and still look like it could be in a magazine.  Style AND substance.  You don't want to compromise on either....

...But you walk into your home, you're not happy with what you see, and you have no idea why or what to do about it.  

You spend money on decorating but these attempts at acheiving a particular look don't last because real life gets in the way.  We believe that your purchases were never going to work because they weren't connected to the thing you were actually trying to accomplish in the first place.  

We are going to solve the problem of disposable, impersonal decorating.  Or, as we heard in one focus group, "I'm in a never ending cycle.  I drop stuff off at [insert donation center] on my way to [insert big box store] to buy more stuff."  Break the cycle.  Find peace.  (At least as far as decorating goes).  

We want you to walk into your home and feel like the only thing standing between you and your happy place is a quick vacuum and a glass of bubbly waiting to be filled.

We want you to walk in the door and feel happy.  Truly, deeply happy.   

Time.  Money.  Training your eye.  Composing your style.  We're going to cover it all.  Stay tuned...