Following up on the recent holiday edition of our podcast, we have some ideas for how to engage all 5 senses this season.  The idea comes from Hilary Rose Walker of Our Style Stories. You can listen in to this episode of Style Matters and then check out our suggestions below.  


from , photography by Michael Wiltbank

from, photography by Michael Wiltbank

You can never have enough twinkle lights!  Put them everywhere: around your windows, over your kitchen cabinets, from your ceilings...  OR, if you're more of a minimalist, how about just lighting up a small vase of greenery?  



from,  photography by Michael Wiltbank

from, photography by Michael Wiltbank

Who doesn't love the tradition of baking and sharing cookies this time of year?  Well, if you're more of a cook than a baker, start your own tradition of serving something savory instead.  Or, if you're neither a baker nor a cook, take this time of year as an excuse to splurge on handcrafted, artisanal cheeses, cured meats, olives and other yummy things and go to town on the presentation!  



Using your hands to make things is a wonderful tradition.  We get a lot of satisfaction from making gifts, decorations and food items.  Why not host a popcorn stringing party?  Shake things up from the usual cocktail event or cookie swap and get your friends together for food, drink and something everyone takes home with them to decorate their tree!  (Also, if you'd like the recipe for the delicious chocolate popcorn bark you can serve at your party, click the link in the photo)!



There are certain aromas that immediately transport us to our childhoods and the traditions surrounding this time of year.  Maybe it's latkes cooking on the stove or pine scented candles scattered throughout the house.  Whatever it is, don't underestimate the power of smell to get you in a festive mood.  Half Baked Harvest shows you how to assemble a simple simmer pot of citrus, pine, cranberry and cinnamon.  



found on , courtesy of  Love Adorned

found on, courtesy of Love Adorned

Last but not least are the sounds of the season.  If you've heard one too many carols piped over speakers in every grocery, clothing and gift store, here's a different option.  Start a collection of bells.  You can hang them or just show them off all in one place in your home and every once in awhile, give them a little ring.  Sleigh bells, jingle bells, silver bells.... whatever strikes your fancy.  It's a simple, beautiful and somewhat quiet sound that we could all use right around now.