You've Got This Holiday Thing All Wrapped Up

For our second week of the holiday edition of our podcast, Style Matters, we hear from two fabulous bloggers on how to survive some tricky situations, with style.  First up is Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave.  One of Melanie's holiday tips is to go all out on wrapping up your gifts, especially since you may not always love the gift itself!  (Think of those obligatory gifts you'll have to give to people whom you don't really connect with in personal ways...if you make the wrapping look beautiful and thoughtful, you'll love giving it!).  

Download Melanie's labels for your own  treat compartments .

Download Melanie's labels for your own treat compartments.

To encourage you to get out your ribbon, paper, scissors, glue, confetti, berries, stars, bells and stamps, we thought we'd share a direct link to our Pinterest board called "Wrap It Up."  We've collected almost 200 ideas on how to wrap with style and hopefully you'll find some inspiration to get you going.  Wrapping is actually one of the best parts of the holidays for us.  Once the house is clean and decorated, the cookies are baked and the holiday cards are sent, tell your kids to leave you alone while you sit down with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!), turn on some favorite tunes, and get crafty!  It's a lovely tradition that you can have all to yourself!  

We may be too far into December to start Melanie's adorable city Advent calendar, but you could still print these out as wrapping for small gifts!  

Download Melanie's calendar  here.

Download Melanie's calendar here.

And don't miss Gwen's story about moving her tree out of her house at 4am....

Gwen Whitfield of The Bold Abode tells a good yarn.  And on our podcast this week, she gives us a much needed break from the pressure to be perfect this time of year!  So be sure to listen in...

See  Gwen's tree  for 2015.  

See Gwen's tree for 2015.  

Gwen's  white wreath  on her gorgeous blue door.

Gwen's white wreath on her gorgeous blue door.

Find out how to make Gwen's  confetti ornaments .

Find out how to make Gwen's confetti ornaments.

To listen to all of our Style Matters podcasts, simply click on the "podcast" link on our website. During the month of December we're sharing stories from some of our favorite bloggers, so be sure to tune in!


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