It's Not About Matching

Jenna LaFevor of Rain On A Tin Roof is the most recent guest on our podcast, Style Matters. While we were talking, she said that her very personal style started with collecting things she truly loved and then finding pieces that echo those feelings throughout her home.  We loved that notion of "echoing" as an alternative to "matching."  Naturally, none of us wants a room that clashes, but we don't want our homes to come down with Furniture Showroom Syndrome either.  That's when everything matches perfectly because it was all bought at the same time from the same place.  While that does solve the problem of clashing, those rooms tend to feel empty, emotionally.  There's no story there because nothing was collected over time, reflecting the person's life experiences.   

Photo courtesy Jenna LaFervor,  Rain On A Tin Roof

Photo courtesy Jenna LaFervor, Rain On A Tin Roof

But how do you get things to "echo" each other and not "match"???  What the heck does that even mean?  We thought it might be helpful to show a few examples of what we're talking about in terms of color and pattern.  And we'll use Jenna's stunning home to illustrate.  

Color Flow Throughout Your Home

Jenna loves green.  (And blue.  And black & white.  And coral....).  Anyway, the statement-making green hue of the curtains in her living room are brought into the kitchen by using green stools that add a shot of color in a smaller way.  Then elsewhere in her home, she brings the green back again in playful ways, like painting this classical bust in a completely non-traditional green. She's playing with color balance by using both large and small doses of the same color and on different materials.


Repeating Similar Patterns

Here you'll see how Jenna uses a grid work pattern in several different ways.  She went really big on the wall in the dining room.  She kept the pattern and black and white going on the poof in the living room.  But because of the change in texture and scale, they compliment one another, rather than overpowering you.  And on her liquor cabinet, she uses a different pattern but it's also in a grid, and in a completely different color.  


Using Broad Themes

In case you haven't noticed, Jenna's style is pretty wild.  She has no fear when it comes to bold decisions, such as putting this cheetah and elephant in her front hall on top of a wall littered with gold confetti.  She then echoes that idea through her home by referencing animals in all their wild glory throughout her home.  If you look closely at the liquor cabinet, you'll notice the lion pull rings on the doors.  And if you are ever so lucky to stay in her guest room, you'll get the full animal treatment from that fabulous wall!  

Once you start buying what you love, you'll see your own tastes start to emerge, giving you direction towards a cohesive look.  Not everyone is as clear in their aesthetic as Jenna.  You may tend toward a subtle echoing of materials or objects that tell a single narrative.  But whatever you do, don't let your first question to yourself be "does that match?"  You'll limit yourself on some wonderful surprise combinations and end up not being truly happy with how you feel in the room!