How To Host a Jewelry Workshop

Earlier this week we shared our ideas on how to use a collection of found vintage jewelry to create a new statement necklace in preparation for our Little Yellow Couch Found Jewelry Workshop.  If you are inclined to follow suit,  we highly recommend making your accessories with a group of friends and a couple of bottles of Prosecco!

The best part of getting ready for a jewelry making workshop is that you'll have an excuse to do lots of thrifting and antiquing to stock up on vintage baubles to work with...

To set up, we covered the table in black paper and used a white pencil to outline the various tools we'd be using, including an outline of a ruler for measuring chain lengths.

Add a piece of felt to a tray to keep your beads from rolling off the table.  And don't forget to mark a place for water and a champagne glass!

We gave each person a set of three different jewelry pliers and Karen made these sweet tool bags adorned with vintage brass stencils we picked up on one of our antiquing sprees.  

We went over the basic steps of how to string beads and cut apart and put together jewelry pieces, either using jump rings or wire for wrapping.  There are so many great how-to videos on You Tube that you can refer to if needed.  We also spent some time talking about how to think about designing a necklace based on what you're going to wear it with, time of year, color, style, etc.  Check out our full post here.

By the end of the afternoon, everyone had come up with a terrific composition for their one-of-a-kind necklace.

The best part of the day was the pleasure and satisfaction everyone felt after creating something so personal with their own hands!  These necklaces will get a lot of wear.  And attention!  Great job, everyone!


Zandra & Karen June