Displaying a Collection

For this month's Vignette, we decided to display a collection in keeping with our "Found" theme. Collections, by definition, are objects of personal interest that are found over time.  Sometimes people will tell us that they get overwhelmed while they're antiquing because they don't know where to start. Having a collection in mind is a great way to focus your eye whenever you're out and about at a yard sale, thrift store or antiques fair.  The only thing you need to start a collection is one object that draws you in for a particular reason.  It could be a particular vintage make (think of all of those collections of Fiesta ware or Pyrex).  Or a beloved animal.  Or even a specific color.  For me, it's often the shape of something, which is how I started to collect pitchers and creamers.  Something about the spout and handle was really appealing to me.

I didn't necessarily know I was going to start a collection when I had that moment of "I-don't-know-why-but-I-can't-leave-this-booth-without-this-creamer" feeling.    

But what often happens with collections is that you buy one thing on impulse and end up truly loving it.  Then, the next time you're out poking around your eye is naturally drawn toward a similar object and you think, OH!  I'd love to have that one, too!  The next thing you know, you've got a third, and in our book, three of anything is considered a collection!  

For this vignette, I knew I needed to add various heights to my display so that each creamer and pitcher was given its proper due.  Since we're talking about collections, I decided to incorporate some things from one of my other collections: old books with interesting colors and graphics.  They make the perfect stepping stools and I like having one collection be useful in a way it wasn't originally meant to be used.  

Here's how we built the display, piece by piece:    

First, I knew I wanted at least three different levels.  (Working in odd numbers generally gives a natural flow to whatever display you're creating.  Working in evens will give you a more classic symmetrical look).  I started with a tall stack of books just a touch off-center, two books on one side and a single book on the other.  

Then I placed the taller and bigger pitchers on top, adding two of the smallest next to them, for contrast.

It looked like I was going to need a little more variation in height on the sides but I didn't have room to stack more books.  So instead, I stood them upright.  

Placing two creamers on top of the upright books looked pretty good but since the rest of my creamers were short, it looked like I was going to need even more staggered heights.  I used a short white pillar candle and a cream ramekin turned upside down, both on one side to keep the vignette asymmetrical.

My last three creamers and pitchers filled in the rest.  But something was missing...

Flowers!  I almost always incorporate a natural element into any vignette I'm making.  I love how a drooping bud, curvy feather, or twisted piece of wood adds flow to the man-made objects.  For my aesthetic it's all about contrast.  How about you?  What are your favorite ways to display your collections?  We'd love to share your photos with other readers so please send them our way: info {at} littleyellowcouch {dot} com.  



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