Setting an Eclectic Table

For our theme on found objects this month, we decided to see if we could pull out our random dishware that we've collected bit by bit and set a cohesive, appealing table.   The goal was to use only what we had on hand and not buy anything new.  


My tablecloths all have bold patterns and wouldn't work with the mix of place settings we were putting together.  But I realized I did have a sheet with a faint gold pattern on white that seemed muted enough to act as a simple backdrop.  You just tie up the corners so it doesn't drag on the floor and everyone will think you're simply going for a "casual" look.  No one will know it's a sheet, I promise!  

We love a little contrast.  Vintage china can be a bit prim so we found some rough twine and tied up the silverware to change the vibe.   Karen has a few different vintage dinner plates and I have a variety of bread plates, which I normally use for appetizers when friends come over for a glass of wine.  We both collect random, single tea cups and our extra saucers stood in for candleholders.  I have two different styles of green glassware because pieces have broken over time that I wasn't able to replace.  

We wanted a low vase for the centerpiece and Karen's large gravy boat did the trick.  We did cheat a little with the flowers but I spent only $5 on the roses and a few bucks on the cabbage.   The grapes came straight from my fridge since my kids want to inhale them every day.   Moral of the story:  If you find yourself drawn to vintage china while you're thrifting or antiquing, go ahead and start a collection.  Don't worry about getting a complete'll all come together if you simply buy what you love!  

xoxo Zandra