Art Abandonment Project

We've spent September focused on all of the ways in which our style and aesthetic are expressed through found objects.  Like many of you, we think the best way to spend a sunny day is sifting through the stalls of an antiques fair.  Nothing beats the feeling of scoring a one-of-a-kind piece.  And to finish off our "Found" theme this month, we're joining the Art Abandonment Project so that someone else can score something of ours!

Started in 2012 by Michael DeMeng, the Art Abandonment Project is about making some kind of art (the definition is open to interpretation) and then leaving it behind for someone else to find. You can share photos of your art on the Facebook group, as well as any response you might get from the finder.  There's a logo you can use to attach a note explaining the project along with your email address if you so choose.  Click here to see the complete instructions...and it's open to anyone!  If you'd like to see some videos of "abadoneers" in action, check out this page on the Artists Network.  

We decided to leave a bouquet of yarn flowers behind.  For us, this is also the perfect project to take us into October.  Starting Wednesday, our new theme will be "Off The Wall," and we'll be exploring ART!   From how to buy art, to incorporating art into your decor to throwing our wildest party yet.  Stay tuned!  

xoxo Karen June & Zandra

P.S.  After dropping off our art project and strolling around a bit, Karen June told me she spied a little girl in a pick tutu showing her parents the flowers and happily spinning around with them.  I can just picture the huge smile on Karen's face as she secretly watched the scene.  And I know how happy she was for the rest of the day.  You should really try this out yourselves!  --Zandra

The Art Abandonment Project: Create and Share Random Acts of Art
By Andrea Matus deMeng, Michael deMeng