I Love Beach Music

I Love Beach Music

by Wendy Lane Bailey 

To most people the phrase “Beach Music” means whatever you happen to have on your playlist to while away an afternoon in the sun, but to those of us who spent our formative years on the southern half of the Eastern Seaboard it’s a whole lot more. It’s a genre and a way of life. It is the very sound of summer.

Beach Music is originated in the Carolinas in the years after World War II combining elements of swing, R and B, country and pop.

Louis Prima & Keely Smith – Just a Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody - While not an official part of the Beach Music Scene, Louisiana born Prima and artists like him had a big influence on the genre’s sound.

Beach Music makes you feel good. Even the ballads are peppy. If you’re in the mood to contemplate man’s inhumanity to man, this ain’t your jam. I defy you to put on The Tams’ Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy and not crack and smile. 

The Tams – Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy – One of Jimmy Buffett’s favorite bands. His Album Beach House on the Moon is an homage to Beach Music and features the Tams on the track Flesh & Bone

This is music to shag to. Now before our English Cousins, and you Austin Powers fans get your knickers in a twist; the Shag, AKA the Carolina Shag, is a dance that came out of the beach music scene. It’s similar to the bop, and the jitterbug but with a flavor all its own.

Ten time National Shag Champions Charlie Womble & Jackie McGee. Go ahead, and try it you know you want to … I did and Spawn and felines fled in terror, but I had fun. (The song is Kelley Hunt’s Queen of the 88s)

This is my August soundtrack; it brings back memories of good friends, good times and carefree days. Now, I’m off to hunt down my dancing shoes…

Jim Quick & Coastline – Down South 

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