DIY: Vintage Swim Rings

When Karen and I were at the Country Living Fair in June, we picked up these little achievement pins which were presumably given out when a swimmer would pass a new level of instruction.  We immediately grabbed them, knowing we couldn't pass up the fantastic colors and graphic design.  Pretty quickly Karen figured out she wanted to make them into rings and they've become a staple accessory for each of us ever since.  You may be able to find some of your own, or some other kind of small pin at an antiques store or boutique.  If not, you might want to grab one from our shop.  We've only made three of them (and Karen and I have dibs on the first two) so you might want to "dive" in and get yours now!


Vintage American Red Cross Swimming Pin Back Button (Zuzu and Olive has a nice collection currently)
20mm Ring Base (Ingredients for Lovely)
Jewelry Pliers
Jewelry Glue


  • Use your pliers to pull the pin back out of your button.
  • In a well ventilated space, add a ring of jewelry glue around the inside perimeter of your ring base.  
  • Set your pin in your ring base and apply a bit of pressure.
  • Allow to dry overnight before wearing.