DIY: Tackle Box Jewelry

Karen thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves to come up with jewelry made from boating supplies.  There seems to be lots of shiny objects in those marine shops near where you'd dock a boat.  And we love shiny objects.  We thought we'd try our local "outdoor" store and were distracted by the shiny fishing supplies before we could even ask if they had any shiny hardware one would use on a boat.  

We were getting a little carried away by fishing lures when a guy came over to us to see if we needed any help.  Of course, the first thing he asks is "what are you looking to catch?"  As in, fish.  

We felt like we had been caught doing something we weren't supposed to do.  We fessed up and told him we were actually going to be making jewelry with his fishing gear.  I think I might have turned pink and started to laugh in an annoying high-pitched sort of way.  But he was so lovely about it!  He got into it with us and helped us find the best shiny, brightly colored paraphernalia he could think of.  Karen excitedly took it all home and got to work. You can make your own using the tools and supplies below or "catch" the ones we've made in our shop.  

xoxo Zandra


Fishing Lures
Jewelry Chain
Jump Rings
Eye Pins
Jewelry Metal Hole Punch Pliers
Jewelry Plier/Cutter
Needle Nose Pliers


  • Scout out your local Outdoor or Sporting Goods store for fishing lures and other supplies that catch your eye.  We were drawn in the bold colors and graphics we found in many of the lures. 
  • Gather your fishing supplies, jewelry chain, jump rings, eye pins and jewelry tools. You could even find an existing piece of jewelry that you could repurpose for this project.  
  • Jewelry Metal Hole Punch Pliers are a great tool to have on hand for repurposed jewelry making.  We used ours to punch a second hole in the bracelet lures as well as the brass tag on our necklace.  
  • To add beads and findings to your chains slip them on an Eye Pin and cut the straight end leaving about 3/8".  Using round nosed pliers, create a loop at the end of the wire.  Your bead will now have a loop on either end to keep it in place.  To attach your beads to your chain or to each other, simply connect with a jump ring.  

P.S.  Fishing hooks are sharp, so be careful.  I learned the hard way!  

We'd love to see what you come up with!  Send us an e-mail (info [at] with a picture of your creations! 

xoxo Karen June

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