DIY: Bleach Pen Shirts


Cotton T-Shirt
Bleach Pen
Transfer Paper
Tin Foil

Whale Design (front end)
Whale Design (back end)

Transfer a design onto your t-shirt using transfer paper.  For our light colored t-shirt, we used graphite paper.  Print out our whale design or find one of your own.  We freehanded the text on our Follow the Stars t-shirt.  

Cover a large piece of cardboard or foam core with tin foil and slip inside your shirt so that the bleach doesn't soak through to the back of your shirt.

Squeeze a thin line of bleach from your pen and trace the outline of your design.  

Allow your bleach to set for 10 minutes. You will notice that the bleach will seep a small amount.  Carefully slide the cardboard out from the inside of your t-shirt.  Make sure to not allow the bleach to touch other areas of your shirt.  Hold under a heavy stream of cold water in your sink and wash off all of the bleach.  It will have gelled together by this point, so won't run across your fabric.  Gently wash your t-shirt by hand using hand soap.  Now you can throw it in the wash along with your other laundry.  

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