Flower Arrangement: Island Edition

For this month’s flower arrangement, we weren’t sure how to represent our “On The Waterfront” theme.  Add a swizzle stick decorated with a fish?  Use a vase made of shells?  Um…no.  Then I realized that I was only thinking of our typical New England rocky coast and cold lakes for inspiration.  Why not dream about the tropics and go for something that might come from a warm and breezy island instead?

I wasn’t at all sure what I would find at my usual flower shops but when I spotted these huge ginger leaves, I knew I had the base.   Karen then suggested they act as a backdrop, standing upright against a wall.  If we could have stapled them to some driftwood we would have, but the florist told me they curled up quickly out of water.  Instead I placed each one in its own small glass (ones I usually use for votives).  You have to cut the bottoms of the leaves up a bit because there isn’t much of a stem.  

Given that we didn’t have access to any birds-of-paradise or other exotic flowers, I was hoping to use orchids.  Those however, turned out to be $30/stem, which I just couldn’t swallow.  After all, we’re encouraging you to think of these monthly flower arrangements as an every-day kind of thing so we’ll save the orchids for a special event.  Anyway, I decided on using the humble day lily as a focal point.  Even though it’s ubiquitous around here, I still think it’s a terrific looker and worth showing off.  

In front of the three small glasses holding the ginger leaves I’ve used a rectangular box (I stole it from my bathroom…it’s one of those stone containers for cotton balls or Q-tips), fitted with some wet floral foam.  You simply soak the foam in water, cut to fit your container and place inside.  I needed something to trail a bit over the container to hide the foam.  The Bipurum is great for this job, as would any "filler" flower you find at your florist.  The last detail is the straw flower, AKA "Crespedia." I love how sculptural they are, especially when they’re standing at attention.  

So.  Imagine you're at an open-air bar on the beach, sipping a drink that comes with a little umbrella.  Next to you is this tropical flower arrangement and you breathe in its scent as you admire the glorious sunset.  Are you feeling it?  We hope so!  

xoxo Zandra  

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