An Herb Bouquet

For this month's flower arrangement, I wanted to try to create something that my mother-in-law, Maggie, would have put together on her farm.  Whenever we visited I would fall in love with the bouquets of wildflowers she picked that morning, casually placed inside and out on the porch.  She had created several different gardens on her property, including one for herbs, a shady retreat tucked into the woods and a variety of flower beds.  She let the edges of the property grow high with Joe-Pye, Queen-Anne's Lace and Goldenrod, all wildflowers that some people would consider weeds but that we both loved.  And I was always impressed with how beautifully the mix of cuttings would come together in one of her pitchers or vases.  


One thing I've learned from Maggie is to use and repurpose what you have on hand.  Putting this mindset into practice simplifies life but at the same time, it expands your creativity as you are forced to find new ways of decorating, cooking and entertaining.  So for this bouquet, I decided to use some basic herbs that many people will have leftover from a recipe along with common plants frequently found in gardens (yours or your neighbors...just ask if you could take a stem or two)!  


I almost always use opaque containers because I don't like to see stems, but this casual wildflower look seemed to call for an old glass jar which is doing the job perfectly well.  Below, we've shown you which herbs we used for this particular arrangement but you could just as easily use thyme, basil or whatever you see at the grocery store.  

xoxo Zandra