Oilcloth Gardening Apron

A while back, I discovered Tanglewood Haberdashery,  a delightful little online shop that features handmade goods, hand-printed fabrics and their own signature waxed oilcloth. And let me tell you, they had me at "Haberdashery!"  I was drawn immediately to the quality and timelessness of their products and was itching to craft something with their handsome oilcloth.  Since I was about to plant my summer herb garden, an apron to hold my tools seemed liked the perfect project.  When Zandra pulled this amazingly rustic and time worn sugar sack from her stash from the Country Living Fair,  I'm pretty sure they rewrote the definition of "a match made in heaven".  I'm really pleased with the combination of the oilcloth, a vintage agriculture sack and the leather cording.  Hope you are, too!  (Pssst...if you don't want to make your own, we're selling this one we made for the photoshoot over in our shop!).  

xoxo Karen June

Gather your materials.  You will need:

  • 1 fat quarter waxed oilcloth (Tanglewood Haberdashery)*
  • 1 Vintage Feed or Sugar Sack (Zandra picked her's up at Country Living Fair)
  • 2  Grommets (1/4" or larger)
  • 4 yds. Leather Lacing
  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Thread
  • Scissors
  • Quilting Ruler

* Oilcloth is treated with wax and therefore should not be ironed.  We actually love the rustic bit of wrinkling! 


Cut a rectangle of Oilcloth 24" x 14 1/2".  Fold over short ends two times and edge stitch, back tacking on both ends. Cut threads.  

Fold long ends of rectangle over twice and edge stitch, back tacking on both ends.  Clip threads.  (We decided to display the seams on the front of the apron for a more industrial look.)

Snip two small holes in the upper corners of the long side of the oilcloth rectangle.  Insert grommets and set with hammer.  

Cut the length of leather lacing into two 2 yd. pieces.  Fold one of the two pieces in half and loop through the grommet.  Repeat on the other side.  

Cut a band from the sugar or grain sack leaving the front and back attached.  (This double layer of fabric will add to the sturdiness of our pocket.)  We cut ours to 8 3/4" in width based on the graphics.  Turn your band of fabric inside out and press both long edges in 1/4".  

Turn the band back to right side out.  Edge stitch the front and back together along the top.  

Center the band from left to right and about 1 1/2" from the bottom of the oilcloth.  Pin on three sides, leaving the top side open.  Edge stitch along the three sides taking care to back tack a few times at the top edges to prevent tearing when using as a pocket. 

Using a quilting ruler, mark faint vertical lines on the sack where you would like to divide the pockets.  We marked two lines 5" from each end leaving us with three pockets (5" w, 9"w, 5" w).  Sew along these lines taking care again to back tack a few times at the top of the pocket to prevent tearing.  

Tie it on and cultivate that green thumb!