Happy Mother's Day!

Karen and I are far from perfect when it comes to being moms.  There are days when we forget important things like Parent Visitation Morning, which means a missed opportunity to embarrass our children.  Or days when when we yell up the stairs "Don't just yell for me when you want my attention!  There's to be no more yelling from room to room!" (proceeded by us yelling, "Did you hear me???").  And of course, there are the days when we both announce we've just won "Worst Mom of the Year" award after losing our patience and had an all out meltdown in front of our children.  

BUT, amazingly, our kids still love us.  In fact, we're pretty sure they adore us and will always want our advice on clothing, love, and choice of hobbies well into their twenties.  Even after they're married, probably!  We just seem to have a knack for always knowing what's right for them.  And I'm sure they appreciate it.  

Anyway, the whole point of this post is that we've decided there needed to be a little awards ceremony for presenting this year's "Not Half Bad Mother of the Year" trophy. 

We had a little trouble with the voting.  It seemed obvious to me that since I have two kids and Karen has one that the votes would go my way.  She seemed to think that was unfair.  Our children seemed to be ignoring us.  

In the end, everything came together and Karen and I graciously decided to share the trophy.  Much to the relief of our husbands who really wanted to get out of this photo shoot as quickly as possible.  


So to all you moms out there, we wish you a very happy Mother's Day!  I'm sure you'll be thrilled with what ever it is your kids will make for you with scrap paper, glue, and the egg carton from the recycling bin. 

xoxo Zandra