DIY: Nail Polish Bangles

Ok, this may be the simplest but most brilliant idea we've had yet.  We know how annoying it is when DIYers tell you something is "soooo simple" and then it's really 42 steps of instruction, requiring multiple trips to Home Depot for supplies no normal person has on hand.  So I promise this one really is easy to do.  Are you ready?  Are you sitting down?  Because this one is going to knock your socks off and we don't want you to faint from amazement.  

You pick up some inexpensive metal bangles (you can get them at thrift stores, Target, Old Navy, places like that...).  Then you tape them upright to your desk, a cutting mat, wherever you like to work.  (We used washi tape because we're obsessed with making e-v-e-r-y-thing pretty.  It induces lots of eyerolling from our friends.  But you can use scotch tape or whatever).  Next, pick out a few colors of nail polish or go buy some colors you wouldn't normally use on your nails.  

Brush the colors onto the bangles in different lengths around the circumference.  Let dry between coats.  Finish with some shellac if you want to really seal it in.  Presto!  You've got the coolest summer bangle set on the block!  (And we feel that bangles are pretty much de rigueur for summer.  So get going).  

See?  I promised it would be amazingly simple and easy to do!  You're welcome.

xoxo Zandra